German Shepard Dog Question?

Does anyone know how much a german shepard dog is?

from the shelter — 50-100$
from a breeder — 300-3000$

Depend on where you get it. Don’t go to a pet store, they are expensive and the dogs come from puppy mills. Find on at the pound or at a shelter or rescue. Look on petfinder.com. These dogs all need homes, and many time you’ll find purebreds that people have abandoned. A breeder will charge at least $500 but if you go to a shelter or rescue it will be lot less.

It depends on many factors. Is it a purebred (More expensive)? Who are you getting it from?
I suggest you go to a local shelter to see if they have German Shepherd, it will generally cost less to adopt the dog. Even if there isn’t a GSD, you can surely get attached to another dog there. Plus, you’ll save its life.

And it’s German Shepherd.

Depends on the bloodline, the breeder, and the state/location. Check breeders around your area and get some prices. I got both of my german shepherds through rescue. They have breed specific dog rescues where you can get a pure bred shepherd for $150.

In general, depends on the quality..a purebred dog that comes from a reputable breeder with all health issues cleared will cost you from 1500 to 2000 range.

It varies too widely to correctly answer your question.

i have one and mine cost 300 dollars at this pound in Wisconsin as a puppy. please adopt.

alot of money.

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