Do most Conservatives know that President Obama is the BEST thing to happen since Ronald Reagan?

Obama is a GIFT…a treasure that will pay off in HUGE ways.

hear me out………….

Let’s face it we haven’t had a true conservative since Ronald Reagan, Bush &amp: especially McCain are no where near a true conservative.
Bush spent money along with a left leaning congress and McCain has been holding hands with these devils for years!

So why is Obama a gift:

Two reasons, first Obama hasn’t got a clue what to do, he believes that government is the answer and actually believes you build financial strength from the bottom up…taking from the engine that drives our economy and giving the power (money) to the radio &amp: the upholstery and then expecting it to run faster.

Obama’s failure to deliver will be HUGE!!!!

Obama will fall flat on his face, the first 6-8 Months they can blame Bush but as things get worse they will be forced to face the mirror with the entire country looking.

Then at this point the Democrats best friend will come knocking….their famous &quot:IN-FIGHTING&quot:, with no Bush to blame, no republican led congress to blame…they will turn on themselves just like the last time they were in charge in the Carter fiasco!!!!

We can take back the congress in 2010 and then 2012 we can show Obama’s rear end back to the Chicago thug lands.

The Key:

WE must demad TRUE conservatives, no more wishy-washy republicans like we had from 2000-2006.

We have a great oppertunity…..just sit back and wait……..it’s going to be fun kids!!!

what’s your thoughts.????

(NOTE: I am not interested in hearing from any Obamnots…you keep dreaming about your &quot:change&quot:…LOL and where you going to find that 1,2 trillion in new social spending…LOL.)

You, sir, are absolutely correct….and it’s why I keep telling people that I am NOT an angry conservative….I am not negative or depressed about this. In fact, I see many ways of turning this &quot:lemon into lemonade.&quot:

You are apparently too young to remember the Reagan Administration, the most costly administration in history prior to the current one. Ron’s biggest impact was that he was the first CNN president and the darling of everybody’s grandma, He did read his lines well and carefully, well except for the little drift during the convention in 1990. There has not been a true conservative in the white house in your entire life.

If the U.S ends up re-electing a President who is even more staunchly conservative then the country is going to be in a spot of bother. Lets fac

Well, he gives the Republicans the argument that they’re running against the biggest-spending President in history.

No, he is like kennedy . . .

No no no , he is like reagan . . .

He is more like carter . . . let’s get it right.

If you really want to get it right, the administration is looking like a clinton administration.

GW Bush did no one any favors. He biggest failure is having no pull out plan. Don’t go in if you don’t have a pull out plan. Those christian values can sometimes get you in trouble.

I thought we were going to have the Obimbo and Bite me show, but now, I think it will start to look like the Bill and Hilary show.

The vehicle in your argument is not of any use to anyone
if the driver has died from starvation and disease.

Forget your car analogy, everyone knows the car may be in mint condition ( Like a lot full of SUVs), but it can not be used if the operators are locked out of it.

Engines don’t drive cars, people do.

While I agree with you, I have to point out that Liberals DO NOT LEARN from the past. SO taking the goverment back from the radicals in both parties is going to be tough.

I don’t disagree with you… here’s my take (simply put)…

He can &quot:talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?&quot: We shall see…

Unfortunately, I do think that a lot of people (not all of them) made their voting choice for the wrong reasons. People can take that comment however they want to.

Because of the state of the nation/world right now, I really do HOPE that he will be everything that he claims… and more!

One more side note… who really was the lesser of two evils? One of them HAD to win, and I don’t really completely agree with either side.

I completely agree with you. We will a need a true conservative in 2012 to clean the gigantic mess that will be made over the next 4 years.

True conservative right here and I personally am looking forward to watching all the mayhem that will ensue in the next 4 years!

yea he is a real gift…..ask all the babies he has allowed to be aborted, and i am not talking about the abortions that happen at 13 weeks or before…i am talking about the ones where they have developed nerve endings and can feel pain!!! i bet they would say obama is the devil in a suit!!!

and i agree, we need to be TRUE Conservatives and no more fence riders!!! no more swaying even close to the left!!

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