Do I have to spend insurance money on car repairs?

I live in California. My car was in an accident and the other insurance company paid for damages. I chose how and how much of the money to spend on the repairs. Now they are asking to come and verify the repairs by sending an agent to look over the car. Do I have to repair the car, and do I have to allow them to come and view the repairs?

The money they sent you to fix the car is yours to do with as you want, if you don’t want to fix the car you don’t have to, tell that guys insurance to kiss off.

short answer: sure, you are able to spend it the variety you like. long answer: Whoa, there, Hoss! you’re entering into some in all possibility shaky floor! Is the motor vehicle paid off, or do you nonetheless owe funds to a lender? The lender will want the motor vehicle placed returned to this is unique situation so as to guard their investment. If something happens and that they ought to repossess the motor vehicle, they gained’t have the flexibility to sell it for this is &quot:blue e book&quot: fee so as to repay the non-public loan. In that eventuality, you would be caught making funds on a automobile you now no longer have. If the lender learns that your automobile replaced into broken, and your assurance organisation paid you, and you probably did no longer make the maintenance, this is conceivable that the lender will bill you for the fee of the maintenance that weren’t achieved. regardless of no count number if the motor vehicle is paid for, or no longer, what happens in case you get in yet another twist of fate and injury that fringe of the motor vehicle returned? The assurance organisation expects which you had the maintenance achieved (from this modern twist of fate) and that they shrink you yet another verify to repair the motor vehicle’s injury (the wear you probably did no longer have fastened). it particularly is assurance fraud. human beings bypass to detention center daily for assurance fraud. Their assurance policies are cancelled and that they’d’t get assurance from the different organisation. Do you relatively must be in that place? finally, we come to the aesthetics of the project. in case you have not got the wear fastened, you will see it daily and be unhappy with your automobile. it’s going to computer virus you to the element the place you the two sell the motor vehicle (at a discounted fee through wreck) or you fix it your self &quot:out of pocket&quot:. submit to in strategies, that the money you get in the present day won’t fix your automobile day after today. costs for areas and hard work boost daily. so as that $1900 restore, in the present day, will value your $2900 day after today. Make sense? My suggestion? Get the motor vehicle fastened and decrease the deductible to $500. It won’t upload that a lot on your rates, and sooner or later, this is going to likely be greater handy on your wallet to pay for maintenance.

The only person that has a right to view your vehicle is the lien holder (if your have one)
Tell the insurance company to kiss your behind!

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