Destructive and Hyper Dog?

Adopted a dog a few weeks ago. On my application I stated I wanted a dog right in the middle of active &amp: laid back. So I’m not sure what to do here, because they ended up letting me adopt a dog that is destructive and hyperactive.
He is a pug/shepherd mix, a little over 2 years old. To sum it up, he’s like a puppy that is potty trained &amp: knows sit when you tell him 5-6 times.
First week I had him everything was great. He played when it was time to play, relaxed when it was time to relax &amp: left the house intact when left alone. Then it all changed. I tried to let him sleep in my room one night, but it didn’t work out well. He would bark at any little noise he heard, do the snorting thing pugs tend to do &amp: just had to lay on top of me. I did not sleep well that night. So he has to be crated overnight.
So because he’s crated overnight and that first week he was fine left to roam when alone, I continued to let him have the place. But he turned destructive. Sure I noted he chewed his toys, but he really destroys them. Tears them open and apart and what stuffing he doesn’t eat gets left laying around. He has destroyed his dog bed, then graduated to shoes, wooden drink coasters,TV remotes, board games (box and the insides) and collectible items sitting upon shelves. Anything in his reach. I go in the bathroom and come out to find a shoe has magically moved from the front door to the couch or his OTHER dog bed. Literally can’t be left alone even for 30 seconds. He even nearly got at a $500 camera and case, but was caught before it was too late. This being said, he also needs to be crated during the day when I’m at work. So in a 24 day during the week he’s crated for about 17-18 hours. I feel bad about it, but while I don’t mind replacing dog toys I DO mind spending additional money to replace personal items he destroys.
Now he’s hyperactive the way it is, but being penned up that long can mean I have to deal with a monster when I let him out after work. He’s rough when he plays. If I get a toy away from him to throw it he’ll lunge up and try to grab my hand, not the toy. He’s 50 pounds and pounces on my chest. When he brings a toy or ball back he tries to jump and climb all over me and overall just doesn’t play well. I’ve been trying to train him with down, drop it and even no but he’s not getting it, which isn’t a surprise considering he only knows sit and it takes a 1/2 dozen attempts to do it after telling him.
Lastly, when people are eating, if he’s not slyly trying to slowly crawl up on you, not starting to slyly slip a paw on a table, not nudging your leg/arm/hand…then he paces back and forth and revolves around your chair like the earth around the sun (only faster). He just cannot sit still and stare and wait to see if he’ll be lucky to get any scraps. And, of course, you can tell him 6 times to sit, but once he does it only lasts about 3 seconds.
I’m 35. I’ve had a handful of dogs for 27 of those years. There is only one dog I had decided to take to a professional trainer and, $500 later, there were zero results. He only did well at the facility, but could not duplicate results outside of it. And I let my now ex-wife take that dog with her. So I’m not about to try a trainer again: but I am running out of patience with this one…and don’t want to crate him for as long as I have to. I’ve trained dogs multiple, simple commands to past dogs (even puppies) within hours and this one is just not getting anything.
I’m thinking one of his original owners must have not trained him well, let him do whatever he wanted and spoiled the crap out him. OR….

….my questions (and I’m being serious, not a smart ***)…
What is wrong with my dog?
Is he mentally challenged?
How can I get him to stop destroying things when I’m not here (for the most part) to catch him do it?
How can I get him to start listening to/learning commands (aka does he have some sort of short attention span or ADD)? &amp:lt:— I practice positive reinforcement, but am beginning to become REAL negative!

I do have a surrender form filled out in the case I’ve had enough and take him back to the shelter. I’ve never dealt with something like this before and he makes me feel like I’ve never owned a dog, trained a dog or have ever loved having dogs before. I feel like a newbie retard who is in over his head when I very well shouldn’t be. When I talk to people about it they do think that crating that long is not good, but it’s not their s**t the dog is destroying. They say he’s a good dog, but they don’t live with him. They tell me he’s a keeper, but they’re deceived by his cute pug-mutt face.
Anyway, I’m out of characters. Someone help me please?!?

Tip – if you want anyone to read, don’t make it so damn long. I didn’t read past the first paragraph.

A tired dog is a happy dog. Clearly he’s not getting enough exercise. He needs at the minimum, an hour of walking each day (or two half hours) every dog needs that, no matter the breed. Dogs also need mental stimulation – teach him some new stuff.

Dog is bored – dogs rip apart toys and beds – dogs will destroy personal items because anything in reach is a toy. You will need to learn to ‘dog proof’ your house – how do you think he knows the difference between a shoe and a camera case and a dog toy – he doesn’t so remove what you want to keep. Then he needs a daily long long walk. signing him up for 1 day a week at doggy daycare to tire him out might also be a useful tool. Then you need to take him to training classes to ensure that the commands he knows – he does reliably for you. You have no idea how his previous home is but obviously he had no limits there so it will take some work on your part to get him to that point.

You should watch videos of the canine Whisperer. I have a pit bull that used to be worse then yours when she was once a pup. Very-very strong willed and dominant. She is nearly two and i still need to work together with her. She is endlessly checking out me every single day. If I just allow her to slip ONE single time on instructions we have to truly over.

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