Come out come out where ever you are!?

Hello LGBT!
How is everyone? Good i hope!

So guess what?

I came out to my mom, 2 days ago!
If you know me, you know that i posted a question a while ago questioning whether or not my mom would still love me.

She took it ok….heres the story( stick around if you want some MPs that will really knock your socks off:D……)

Ok so i work at a Drive in movie theatre…. im trusting you all know what that is.(if not google it)
Anyways, it was my night to walk the lot. Which meant i walked the lot at night, searchig for alcohol and throwing people out who i deem a bother.
That jobs allows me to do what i want….so i break out the old cellular and start sending those text messages.:D

For some reason, i decided to text my mom…..heres what i said

What would you do if i told you i was gay?
She responded I dont know. Are You?

I told her yes….she said we needed to have a long talk

Do you still love me? is what i asked next
Yes my mother said

Now i got home late that night because the movies dont end till like 2 in the morning.
Well the next morning it got up to go to work at my second job( grocery store,in the produce department). I was really nervous because…..my mom works there to!

Actually shes my boss 😀

So as im putting radishes in the display case my mom comes along and starts put cauliflower in the case next to me.

you really dropped a bomb on me last night she said
I said I know

The next thing shesaid, she said in tears
I love you luke. Dont you ever doubt that again. This is going to be hard for me, so just give me some time ok?

Seeing my mom bawling , promptly made me start to cry.

So there we were, hugging,crying and holding various produce at a grocery store. What a sight.

So we havent had that long talk yet, but every thing kinda seems back to normal…its a little awkward here and there..but a friend told me that it would pass!

So, what i want to know is…when you came out to whoever, how did they take it? Id like to hear your stories no matter how happy or sad they may be!

OK…..so now its time for the awesome MP’s..okay they may not be so awesome .haha

MP&amp:gt: Who here likes the SAW movies? ( i hate gore and torture…so no for me)
MP2&amp:gt: do you think its tacky for me to answer my own mp’s?( i dont think so :D)
MP3&amp:gt: If it starts to rain , do you grab something to keep you entertained inside until it stops or do you go out andd play in it? ( I for one go out and play :))
MP4&amp:gt: Is there a word that you cannot pronounce? ( Simply kelves…has informed me that i cant say hydrogen peroxide..but i think he is wrong 🙂

Okay well thats it LGBT! Thanks so much for your encouraging coming out advice! I love you guys! Thanks for making this a place for fellow people to come and get help if they need it!

You guys rock! 😀

awww!! Im soo happy foryou that htings iwth you and your mom worked out sooo well!! =]
well, on facebook, i had my relationship status as &quot: married to [guys name]&quot: she was all up in my personal space andsaw that and she went off likeohhh blah blah blah you shouldnt take relationshipssoo seroiusly yadda yadda yadda.. so im like mom,chill, he’s prob the most popular gay guy in my school. but hes like one of my closest frnds i love the kid. and she’s like WHAT ?! okay then what does that make you look like then missy?? i just leaned back in my chair and smiled, and im like well? makesme look like what? and at this point she’s yelling &quot: IT MAKeS YOU LOOK LIKE A LESBIAN&quot: . it went silent then iwas like, well, why else have i never brought a boyfriend home? why are most of my friends girls that all give yu that’vibe’ too? doesn’t everything make sense? and i just started laughing a bit because that wasnt the way i expected to come out. shes just staring at me, so i stopped and look serious at her and i was like, well? and then SHE started laughin and was like, &quot:oh man you really had me there for a minute hahaha! youd tell me if you were gay right? because its still early and we could still PRAY IT OUT OF YOU . &quot: then i was like … but mom im not playing… and then she was like &quot: oh stop it&quot: then she gave me a playful slap in the face. then i was like .. ohwow good to know that you would love and accept your only daughter no matter what thanks mom that’s exactly what i needed. then she hugged me and started crying and she was like pleasee don’t be gay i want to have grandchildren. i kind of pushed her away , looked her dead in the eye and walked away.
the next day, she was telling my grandmother about the awful &quot:prank&quot: i played on her. and so from then on, there’s been like a silent mutual agreement for me to pretend im straight. yet whenever i bring a girl over and close my bedroom door, she never bothers us even goes down stairs fora while. so its odd haha. this was when i was 17 [im 18]
i came out to my best friends when i was 16 , they were like oh alright that’s cool. it was whatever and they still don’t care lol.
YAY mini polls!
mp1: i just saw SAW 2 about an hour ago ! i loved it lol.
2: nope not tacky it satisfies my curiosity on your standpoints for your own questions =] lol
3i always stay inside, and if i go out i have a car so the rain doesnt bother me either way haha
4. the word is ‘ask&quot: people say i pronounce it, axe // or aks . oh well lmao =]
YOU ROCK HARDER \m/ d(&gt:.&lt:)b \m? l:ol

i must start off by saying congrats for having the nerve. I am transgendered my self and came out in 2000 I started with my best friend because I figured if she knew then she could help with my parents. Which later that night I told them, Be for I give there response I must say something. they are not homophobic just wanting grand children from me so even though I do try to understand the gay community and know that it normally is an insult to hear this that is not how it was meant.

My parents comment was attest you’re not gay. it took until last year for my dad to relay come to terms with it but he accepted it right away.

My sister is bie and they accept her so they are definitely not homophobic.

I admit I Sugar coated it a bit as I told them I am a cross dresser and what I relay am is a transgenderist but as my mom tried to help me with an herbal supplement I took for a couple of months for breast growth I can safely say I do not think she would have a problem if I decided to get implants and I Very well may once I get the money. The only down side is the $5811 it will cost, yes I have checked into it

I can’t believe you came out by text!! ROFL! But, hey, it worked for you, so all’s good! = )
1&gt: SAW movies = Yuck! Torture, intentional cruelty, gore…. it’s just disgusting.
2&gt: Nope.
3&gt: I grew up in Florida and I loved playing in the rain as the skies opened up and the deluge followed! Warm air and cool rain! It was wonderful!! = D
4&gt: I struggle sometimes with the German language, especially when two tricky words are together. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep them &quot:crisp&quot: and not end up slurring them into a mess!

I’m glad it went well for you 🙂

MP: I get scared easily, so no.
MP2: No, I always wonder what the asker’s answers are
MP3: I usually bust out the Guitar Hero, just like I do every other game LOL.
MP4: I’m pretty good at pronouncing all the words I know, if I think of one, I’ll edit this.

That’s such an amazing coming-out story 🙂

I haven’t came out to my parents yet, but the very first person I came out was this girl I barely knew. And she ended up telling me that she was Bi as well. And ever since you’ve been best friend.

MP1: Love them. I love horror films!
Mp2: not at all!
MP3: I try to enjoy the rain
MP4: Yeah, Its quite hard

I was outed by a pastor. My mom acted like nothing happened: Im really lucky she is a doctor who worked on the procedure for handling people with AIDs.

Omg, when i came out to my mom. it was like so dramatic.. she like, pulled me into the bathroom then asked me if i took drugs and stuff. it was so bizarre.. and my dad knows, but i haven’t spoken to him about it

MP: i like the first two
MP2: nope. not really. it just makes me think that you are bored.
MP3: I am always indoors (IE… malls, movies, clubs, etc) . I never make contact with the outer-world. so, that’s a no towards playing in rain.
MP4: I cant pronounce this weird word in portugues.. its like.. LICOIES

– Britney Spears @ Vancourver. Tour 2009

(ahaha.. you should youtube that..)

i wouldn’t advise coming out by text, but it seemed to work for you

my parents just assumed i was different and treated me like crap .. no ‘long talks’ or even short ones

MP: they were a bit much, for me
2&gt:no, it’s good
3&gt:good excuse to stay in

Aww, how sweet : )

1)I love them. Lol.
2)Naw : )
3)Eh, I stay in.
4)Not that I can think of right now.. probably. Lol.

It’s good thAt you came out. 🙂
I haven’t come out yet, but i might do it the way you did, lol all i need is a phone…..XD

and the answers are
1) no
2) up to you
3)Play outside
4) i don’t think

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