Christians:How Do You Feel About Heavy Metal,Rock,& Screamo Music?Do You Think It’s Against God & Evil Occult?

If all you Christians saw me rocking out to Heavy Metal music like SlipKnot,Disturbed,Korn,EscapeTheFate,etc…Would you say it is witchcraft or occult or even your most and ridiculous excuses like In the Bible,God says not to engage in Magick Arts?

BTW,I listen to ALLLLL Heavy Metal and Rock and Screamo bands,and you can’t do a thing…..hahahahahahahaha!

why do you care?! you obviously have a self loathing problem. screamo is NOT music- it’s screaming and really pretty stupid. why you kids have such anger is pathetic and lame…. i mean mommy and/or daddy or some adult takes care of all your bills….. wait until the real world hits you.
as for rock and metal the majority of it is not evil or against God unless it pushes you to DO thing that are evil. YOU would be evil, not the music.

sounds like you listen it to try and piss people off or thinking you’re some type of rebel. you only present yourself as an ignorant kid who’s trying to get attention. try some Jimi Hendrix for REAL music.

In most cases,nothing. Many Christians read horoscopes out of ignorance because they haven’t been taught otherwise. They did it before they became Christians,and I was one of them and it was some time later that I found out that it was against God’s will to try and observe times (look into the future). I know someone that used to be involved in occult practices and would summon up demonic spirits whenever he wanted to but after a while they begin to make their presence known whenever they wanted to. His life and the lives of his family members suffered for it until he gave himself over to Jesus Christ. Some people that are easily influenced by what may seem like harmless horoscopes, ouiga boards,crystals and other occult things can sometime become a doorway in which demonic forces can enter into their life. It may seem like fun at first but they can bring disaster and death to them and/or their family members.

I am speaking as a Christian.

A few years ago, I would have NEVER listened to Iron Maiden or Slayer because I had made it up in my mind that they were &quot:Satanic.&quot: That’s a bunch of HOOEY! There is no music on the market that can make me change my opinions of God. The band Black Sabbath was a bunch of geniuses. They saw that people were willing to line up at movie theaters &amp: pay big bucks to watch scary movies, so why not have music that was scary? I saw The Exorcist, but strangely enough, I’m still a Christian.

My advice to Christians would be, if it bothers you, don’t listen to it. But by all means, DO NOT judge anybody else based on music or movies they watch or novels they read. It’s make-believe, not real. There’s something to be said for minding your own business.

BTW: What did you think of Disturbed’s latest. I really didn’t care for it.

Notice how when rock came unto the music scene, it was the start of the moral downfall of society. All of a sudden freak groups of people came out of the woodworks. Who attracts rock? Emos, gothics, punks, etc. There is a reason for all that. In your ignorance, you never once thought about the correlation between the dark forces of this world and rock.

@ Iron Plague – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magick

Ok, now to the actual question. =) I actually know quite a few Christians who like heavy metal, rock and screamo (my best friend for instance). I’ve also never met any Christians who have referred to those music genres as evil: it’s more the content of the song that they view as &quot:evil.&quot:

Disturbed, Korn, Slipknot, and Escape the Fate are not heavy metal.

O.K. you feel’n better now?

I like rock heavy metal and some Christian rock too – not the screaming stuff tho’ – you might want to think about hearing loss when you’re listening to that stuff loudly.

The lyrics will tell the tale.

What a person is drawn to- that tells us a lot about what is going on their minds.

What are some of the lyrics to the songs you like???? Why don’t you post some of them up here for us to read?

&quot:magic arts refes to stuff like harry potter and bands that are &quot:real black&quot: like black sabbath and cannibal corpse (not the i hate CC) and books on murder and wicca. so no, it’s fine as far as i’m concerned, just don’t go crazy

Only a softy music cannot hurt the soul. Heavy Metal and Rock are too much aggressive.

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