Can you put your thumb and your first finger (the one beside your thumb) around your wrist & make them meet?

Can you do the same with your thumb and pinky too?
And what is your body-type?

Just curious 🙂 Thanks dudes/dudettes

Yes, believe it or not I can. I was surprised when I tried now.
I’m tall, small boned.

lol. No, not on either wrist. Though I CAN do it with my middle finger and thumb.

My pinky and thumb? No way.

I am rather slender to medium in body type. I have pretty narrow wrists for a guy.

Yes i can with my thumb and pointer finger on both wrists, but on my pinky i can touch with one and BARELY with the other. weird maybe my wrists are different sizes haah. or my fingers are slightly shorter on one hand?

anyway i have a small/thin frame. ..although i have put on a few pounds lately =[ just not in the wrist area

Is that the attempt for the form of physique physique you have? if so, i’m small. i will placed on newborn’s sized bangle bracelets from Claire’s, that’s how small my wrists are. human beings constantly make a point to tell me that my hands look too skinny, even in spite of the shown fact that i’m of accepted weight!

I can’t quite do it with my pinky but can with my index finger. i have skinny wrists though. I’m 5 foot 4 and a little overweight (working on it!) but my arms and particularly my wrists usually stay skinny!

It’s actually supposed to be your middle finger and your thumb around your wrist and yes, mine overlaps that way. With the others that you suggested, no, they don’t touch, but are close to it. I have a medium-frame.

No and No, not even thumb and middle finger, I’m a bit stocky not fat mind ya, just a bit stocky, barrel chest, large bones

Yes, a perfect fit. That’s very interesting. Does it mean anything?
I am an endomorph – bmi of a hippopotamus – all except my arms which are as slender as a ballerina’s.

yes to thumb and index finger, yes to thumb and pinky, im rather thin, well, underweight. BMI is around 16ish.

and, just as an added bonus, i will give you my wrist circumference. 15.6 cm

Yes to the answer of both…

I guess i am medium. Size 8 or 10 normally

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