can i leave 2 male pit bulls home together if they are best friends or will they eventually kill eachother?

You shouldn’t leave them alone together. There is always the chance of you coming home to a dead dog, maybe even two. The &quot:pack mentality&quot: does not exist in pit bulls.

Edited to add: Pit bulls do not need to be trained to fight for them to want to fight. Its just like with a herding dog. A herding dog can be raised in an environment where it never herds, where it is never trained to herd. You put that herd dog in an area where there are a bunch of people, he is going to herd even though he had never done it before.
Pit bulls have been bred for hundreds of years to be game and to fight. No training is needed. Actually, people who fight dogs don’t train them to fight anyway, they just naturally do it.

It would be best for crate training because when they get older they will start to mark territory and one may fell threatened by the other and in a snap they could be fighting..If I was you I would get a male and a female they would do just fine alone at home together I leave my male and female pitbull home alone all when I go somewhere Well I don’t really know about the female but the male will not be wanting to hump as much or mark territory as much if neutered but I don’t think it will change the personality

I wouldn’t chance it, you never know what may happen. I raised all my dogs to all accept each other.
I had a 15 year old pit ( he since died) and a 12 year old pit. Both male They have slept @ss on @ss for years. Never , ever had a problem. Then about 6 months ago the younger one attacked the older one for appearantly no reason. I assume there was some jealousy involved.
I had to call for help as they were completely entangled. I never thought they would fight each other since they have always got along and they had their &quot:pecking order &quot:established, I am telling you..everything went so quick I had no time to intervene.
Fortunately my stepdad came and helped me break them apart, the damage wasn”t too bad. Nothing that Antibiotics couldn’t cure.
They are keeping the younger one for me now( lol he is 12) since I could not let them get together anymore.
I’d suggest you not leave them unattended, it is an accident waiting to hapen, it may take 12 years lol, but why chance it

Good luck

I have a German Shepherd, my brother has a Jack Russel, they were best friends…until they hit puberty…now that hate eachother. My Shepherd is nuetered but my brother’s dog isn’t. They both try to be alpha male and it doesn’t work. They would kill eachother if they were alone together.

I wouldn’t leave them alone. It may be fine when they are puppies but once they get older…well, only one can be alpha male…dogs are pack animals and there is only one leader. They will do whatever is necessary to be the pack leader.

If they seem to be best friends, it doesn’t sound like that would be a problem. I would highly suggest neutering them if they are not already. Pit bulls are known to have more of a tendency than some other dogs to be dog aggressive but this doesn’t mean all of them are. I have seen many pits that love other dogs. You know your dogs better than anyone else – just watch how they interact while you’re present.

Of course you can. There is no &quot:fighting&quot: or &quot:aggressive&quot: gene, pits are just like any other dog. I would strongly suggest that both dogs be fixed. Both for the fact that there are already too many homeless pits and that fixed dogs are less aggressive. As long as your dogs are loved family pets (read not fighting dogs) they are fine together. Don’t listen to what people say about &quot:aggressive nature&quot: its just ignorant. No animal has an aggressive nature.

I’m not sure with pitbulls… I have 2 male dogs, one is the alpha dog, the other is…well… just the other one… as long as the &quot:other one&quot: doesn’t try to take my alpha dog’s bone, eat from his dish, territorial stuff like that, then they get along real well. My alpha dog is a chow mix, and the other one is a english mastiff, he’s a big baby though 😛

it happened to a friend of mine recently…she went on vacation and her mom let them in the yard together, and they killed eachother. they were not trained to fight or raised aggressively. don’t get me wrong, i like pit bulls, but they can be dangerous.

Not unless they are trained to fight. If they were rasied together thats good because they will stay friends until a female dog comes around in heat then they fight to get to her. If your are still scare about leaving them alone together put them on chains when you leave and when come back let them off again.

If they are best friend then they should be all right! If they haven’t been brought up as fighting dogs then there’s little chance that one will kill the other even if they do get into a fight, as dogs fight over dominance and for attention, the dog that considers itself the &quot:top dog&quot: expects more attention than other dogs it lives with.

Desexed dogs behave better though and also fight over dominance less, so you should consider this.

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