Can a 55 year old man change?

I love a man who drinks too much. He is 55 years old. My friends do not think I should expect him to change–drink less or quit drinking. What do you think? I am certain of his love for me.

Forget this one. He will not be changing for anyone at that age. Sorry, find a better one.

I am certain of his love for drinking.

If he were 25 years old, maybe there’s a 30% chance he might change.

If he were 35 years old, maybe a 15% chance.

If he were 45 years old, maybe a 5% chance.

At 55, he’s not going to change. Your friends are right. The question is, &quot:Why do you fall in love with men like this?!&quot:

its next to impossible to make a 25 year old man change and you want a 55 year old man that is set in his ways to change?

often whilst a guy turns fifty 5, he turns fifty 5. there is not any longer something superb approximately it, the comparable as turning 50. There are no longer any appropriate ameliorations. some adult adult males might pass with the aid of a disaster yet it rather is invidual no longer usual

never to late

Yea, its never too late!!

hell no, get your head out of the clouds!

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