Bush=Worst President ever!!!……………How can somebody in there right state of mind vote or support him?

The US Constition Is hanging on by a thread. Between Both Patriot Acts and Eliminating Large Sections of the Bull of rights. That is so wrong. It looks Like Nazi Germany in 1938

They said the war on terror could last 100 Years. That is not future for AMERICA!

If you look at the facts 9-11 was an inside job and the war on terror is a scam, I will give a few points, There are over 50 pieces of Eveince, But im not going to get into that now. 1 Google operation Northwoods 7 hojackers were found alive, There was a 1200% Increase in put options on airline stocks linking to the CIA.

Watch www.loosechange911.com

Bush and the rest of the OIL mafia most of them are members of Skull and Bones where they Need to bankrupt america and RUIN THe consition in order to establish there NWO or world government. You will either need a chip in your right hand or forehead or your considered the terrorist.

We need a real future for this contry.

No WMD’s were Fdound in IRAQ!! After th

You forgot to say he looks like a monkey! lol!

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