At what age do you take the sippy cup away from your child????

My daughter is 5 but she still likes her sippy cup of water at night….just wondering if it is time to retire the sippy cup.

I just don’t want her to spill water all over at night time…..

1st lemme say:
I’ve raised and or helped raise more than 15 children.
I’m 3rd out of 9.
15 nieces/nephews on 1 side and 11 on the other.
3 my own, 2 grands.
Oh! ya! I got EXP.

I believe it has to be a child by child basis.
When does he/she start showing signs of not needing / wanting it.
Here’s an exception:
my current baby*, is due 4 dental surgery
on the 21st, Sept, 07.
The WIC nutritionist, dentist &amp: dental surgeon
have all told me, to take her off around age 2 yr.
The bottle @ 1 yr.(did ya notice? &quot:around 2yr&quot:?)
The Wic nutritionist told me to take her off of
&quot:Nursery&quot: water, it’s water, w/ flouride:
it has a pink label on it, w/ a baby sitting down.
it’s damages the enamel of the teeth,
BEFORE they emerge.
And the dental surgeon told me NO GUMMIES of any kind.
I give her gummie vitamins.
It’s causes cavities between the teeth, that you cannot stop.
I don’t give them to her n/e more!

I really don’t want to take her off yet,
cuz when she has a drink,
she pays no attention to tipping/spilling it
I have to. Now.

*my current baby–
meaning I did not not bear the child….
but, she is my blood,
I’ve had her since she was 3 weeks old,
she’s 30 mos., this mth.,
she calls me momma now,
we say &quot:a’ma&quot: for grandma.
my current baby…xoxo

edit: what is the thumbs down 4????

My daughter is 4 and I still give her a sippy cup at dinner (when we are home) since she has a tendancy to spill her cups. Other than that she drinks from a regular cup. As for taking a cup to bed, why don’t you try getting a squirt bottle or a cup with a straw and leave it on a table next to her bed. There may be a few spills the first few days or so, but then she will get used to it and there shouldn’t be anymore spills.

No time limit. I have a child with poor muscle tone, he is six and I still allow him to use a sippy cup. It’s not spill proof type, like a bottle, but plain kind with a pour spout/lid. Usually he uses it at night when he is least co-ordinated and most likely to spill. There is no harm in using one at all!

Just don’t share the news of sippy cup with your family, so you won’t get the family &quot:experts&quot: claiming what is best for YOUR child. Every child is different. There should not be firm dates on anything not related to the child’s own abilities.

LOL, I am thinking about this for my son, but he’s just turned 2. I would hope by the age of 5 he would be off of it.

I think if it’s only at night so that she doesn’t spill her water than that is fine, but I would suggest finding other cups for her during the day and wean her from her sippy.

i’m going to do away with the sippy cup for sturdy at age 2. he has been feeding himself with fork and spoon for roughly 3 months now so while he became into 13 months. At daycares we dont use sippy cups in the two 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous rooms. My son liquids from customary cups yet on the pass i exploit sippy cups. maximum folk shop usuing them because of the fact they dont desire a large number even nevertheless it gets undesirable for their tooth after a jointly as

2 years old is the recommended age for transfering to a regular cup as sippy cups are hard on the teeth but my boys at 5 year old and 2 1/2 years old have sports bottles for kids that they use instead now and they close down so they don’t spill. I have kids that get thirsty at night too so that made it hard on pottytraining but they just can’t sleep without a drink of water usually twice in the middle of the night (they snore so it hurts their throats) so the sports bottles works for them.

5 years

I think my mother took mine away too soon.
I’m still spilling my drinks.
I keep asking for a sippy cup. LOL

I honestly think it’s whatever you feel comfortable with, just ask her if she’d like a big girl glass instead of the sippy cup.
I remember having plastic cups growing up. I don’t think my parents trusted us.

As long as you are using a hard spout or straw style and the liquid in it is just water I don’t see a problem with using it at night. Afterall adults drink from hard spouted bottles, sports bottles, and straws all the time! Hehe not to mention the no-spill coffee cups 🙂

Some of the soft spouts could probably cause the same problems as pacifiers and bottle nipples.

Personally, I think that a sippy cup is more or less a bottle, just a little bit different design…if she is 5 years old, she needs to learn how to drink from a regular cup..and she shouldnt need to have a sippy cup to go to sleep.also, my kids’ doctor told me that using a sippy cup can really mess up the kids front teeth, especially if there is juice or any sugary liquids in it…..

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