are these presidents conservative, liberal, or moderate?

Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Which category do each of these presidents fall under: conservative, liberal, or moderate

LBJ socialist
RMN conservative
RR conservative
GHWB moderate
BC no words to describe him
GWB conservative

LBJ- Liberal
Nixon- Moderate Conservative
Reagan- Conservative
H.W. Bush- moderate conservative
Bill Clinton- moderate liberal
W. Bush- Conservative

Ronald Reagan was indeed the only real conservative in that group by definition and all of the others were rather liberal including Bush Jr and Bush Sr and don’t let anyone tell you on this board that the Bush’s were moderates or conservatives because they were not. One gave us the WTO and the other the Patriot Act and didn’t do anything about ridding the country of illegal aliens and wanted amnesty.

Conservative: W Bush, Reagan
Moderate: Clinton, HW Bush, Nixon
Liberal: Johnson

Conservative: Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes

Liberal: Clinton

Johnson was a fiscal moderate, but very liberal social

Johnson – moderate liberal
Nixon – conservative

From here, things get a bit more complicated. Reagan claimed to be a conservative, but in many respects he was a radical, especially in his economic policies, which have essentially been followed by every president since.

Nixon=Moderately Liberal
Bush SR.=Moderately Conservative
Clinton=Moderately Liberal
Bush Jr.=Moderately Conservative

I like the Bill Clinton style center left philosophy the best. I consider myself a moderately liberal center left democrat.

Johnson Liberal
Nixon centrist
reagan is what republican are now but I can’t call him conservative
W Bush same
H.W Bush more moderate
Clinton moderate

1. liberal
2. moderate
3. conservative
4. moderate/conservative
5. moderate/liberal
6. moderate
7. Obama- liberal/socialist.

Lib Mod Con Mod Mod Con

Kennedy, Moderate Conservative, would be kicked out of the democrat party today because he developed a concern for the country and principals

Lyndon, communist idiot who damaged the country greatly, but not nearly as much as Barack is

Nixon, Moderate, less corrupt than any democrat on the list BY FAR, except the exceptional idiot Carter who just did damage by being a total idiot

Carter, Liberal, had no affinity for reality, might as well have been 5 years old as developed as his philosophy is, proof the Nobel prize is a total politically motivated joke

Regan, Conservative to Liberal, very effective strategist for the economy and foreign policy, one of the very best this country has ever had, and did more for the world than any president ever.

GHWB Moderate, didn’t try to expand his or governments roll in the country which is a great thing

Clinton Mob Derivative, whatever worked for him to gain power, didn’t give a crap about the country, it was all about what he could get out of it

GWB, Moderate to liberal on some things. Didn’t stand up to the democrats culture of corruption while they claimed republicans were the corrupt, which is pretty much a joke. The most maligned and lied about president in our history, and the one least likely to stand up for himself though it would have been very easy. Pelosi lying now about the what the CIA briefed her on, probably thought it was ok, because she and the other democrats have been lying about their part in going to war and what they knew, saying Bush lied, when they know damn well every country in the UN security council using their own independent intelligence said Saddam had WMD and was a imminent danger to use it, yet Pelosi and the other corrupt democrats, with a major culture of corruption, said Bush lied to the people in the country, aided by the press complicit in pushing their lies.

Obama … Corrupt Chicago politician and practically just a mobster who cheated his way into control of the US and who’s major push is power and paying off his political operatives who helped him lie steal and cheat his way into control, won’t even show his birth certificate spending millions to keep it secret. Wants to take over companies like Crysler and give it to his political allies for free, you know the Unions, not the workers, who have earned nothing, and are so corrupt that their stealing the equity they have been given through mob like action by Obama (intimidating the legal bond holders in first position to give up what they were legally owed in fear for their families from the wrath of acorn and other Obama supporters like the press and the union people who bused people to threaten AIG executives families)
In short Obama = Chicago Mob type who takes illegal money from people like Hamas and pays them back in billions to their cause which is destructive to peace and good people, and does this in several instances, but the press and department of &quot:Justice&quot: is so in his pocket he is never questioned and totally runs amok, similar to the ways Hitler did in his popularity which was much like Obamas and he did about the same things to start. A huge book could be written on this total scum bags corrupt moves and activities. He is by far the worst and most damaging president this country has ever had.

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