Ann Coulter, wise with great insight,or are her arguments unfounded & meant to shock to further her publicity?

This is a poll to find out people’s opinions on Ann Coulter’s articles, statements, and arguments.

I’ve read articles that Ann Coulter has written and I’m curious what the general public’s opinion is of her, and why she has gained some popularity.

She is famous, of infamous, for saying the dumbest, most outlandish, idiotic, unfounded wild things about people who don’t agree with her. If it goes too far, it was a &quot:joke.&quot: Amazing that people still put microphones in her face.

I pay her about as much attention now as I do the guy with the tinfoil hat wanting some change at the bus stop while he plays his Casio.

Ann Coulter has made a ton of money because she touched a nerve. Long silent, the Conservative majority in this country view her as an over-due voice of reason. And she has a great sense of humor, but liberals for some reason do not appreciate it.

There are only two things in this world that cannot be rationalized:
a) People who have sex with things they shouldn’t have sex with
b) Ann Coulter

I’m a conservative.

She makes some good points and gives sides to stories that are not otherwise publicized. But she is also needlessly vicious and hurtful.

Just my opinion.

Having heard her diatribe against evolution (now a proven fact), I conclude that she is a fool. Some of her diatribes against the left wing have some merit, which is why she has attracted such following as she has.

she makes money off hate,hypocrisy and rhetoric,she is not much different than michael moore. they are just entertainers,not to be taken seriously. they both would fit in well here on yahoo.

edit. what ever happened over her florida vote fraud case. haven’t heard anymore about it. i do remember her saying vote fraud should be punishable by death.

It’s actually worse than the latter. She really believes the garbage that comes out of her mouth.

I personally think shes a troll who found an audience and she plays up to them for HUUUUUGE rewards. In her personal life, nothing she does illustrates that she is conservative in any way.

She’s an evil wench who makes conservatives look bad with her bigoted rhetoric.

she says what needs to be said. I like most of her writing,democrats-liberals in particular- hate her for using their own tactics,only with political accuracy:something that they have not been able to achieve.

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