after circumcising our son?

we haven’t decided on weather or not to have our son circumcised or not, but i was wondering after having it done how long before can give him a actual bath and not just a wipe off. This is all new to us! we have 3 kids ( ALL GIRLS) so any advice on little boys is greatly accepted.

I was just wondering why! you feel so compelled to do this to you little boy. I live in England which stopped circumcising baby boys almost 60 years ago as did all of Europe,Scandinavia has never done it. So can you explain to me why you feel it is so important to circumcise.

Do you honestly believe that the women of England are so cruel so uncaring so callous that if the baby boys and children of England where suffering from foreskin infections, like you American’s seem to think will happen. That we would not be banging on the doors of hospitals and demonstrating out side 10 downing street waving banners demanding that our children be circumcised.(( Of course we would !)) but do you see it happening don’t you think it would be on TV in the US if it was. So why aren’t we ! because it’s not true it’s so rare that people over here never even think about it.
And if it does happen well just like the eyelid which is a soft warm fold of skin we don’t chop it off if it becomes infected (do you?) no the treatment is simple a broad spectrum antibiotic job done.

I cannot force you to not circumcise you little bundle of joy but I will ask you to look up the true facts on English web-sites rather than the pro-circumcision site of America which don’t forget are payed for by the people who make millions of dollars each year from doing a procedure which even your top medical people say is unnecessary so totally in agreement with every other top group of medical experts around the world

PLEASE TAKE TIME OUT TO READ THIS AND LOOK UP THE TRUE FACTS FOR YOU SONS SAKE at least let him make the decision when he is old enough it is his penis and times are changing in the US you may just find he is in the minority group as rates are falling fast and in 18 years time you may just find that girls no-longer prefer the circumcised penis just as it is here in the UK how are you going to explain that to him then


If I ever did have a son, I wouldn’t circumcise him. It’s not my place. It’s not my body so I therefore I don’t have the right to make that choice for him. The American Academy of Pediatrics hasn’t recommended circumcision since 1990 because there is no significant difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis health wise. Also, no Medical Association in the world recommends it because it’s simply not necessary. There is no reason to remove a normal, healthy, natural, functioning part of someone’s body without specific medical need. Uncircumcised men are only a mere 0.9% more likely to get an infection over a circumcised male. That’s almost nothing at all, especially since infections are much rarer among men than women. Circumcision isn’t cleaner, to clean an uncircumcised penis all you have to do is retract, rinse and replace. It takes 10 seconds in the shower and it’s just as clean as anything else. It might me &quot:easier&quot: to clean but what’s easier than 10 seconds? Honestly if that’s a reason to circumcise then that’s just laziness because it’s 10 seconds. Also I believe that’s for each individual person to decide I can’t just assume my child will be incompetent and not clean. I haven’t even met him yet and it’s not fair to assume that. If he doesn’t clean well that that’s his issue and he has to deal with the consequences. But honestly I don’t know every many people who don’t clean, in fact I don’t think I know one at all. I know more circumcised boys that don’t clean. Also smegma actually has properties to it that help fight off bacteria and infections, the only time smegma poses a problem is when it decays which would take months without washing to get to that point. Also new studies are finding out that circumcision greatly reduces sensitivity for the male. As a male who was circumcised at birth and is now natural restoring his foreskin I can say that the sensitivity difference is very significant. My orgasms are much stronger and last longer. Sexual pleasure is a birth right and I wouldn’t be able to take that away from my son either. Honestly I wouldn’t. I hate the choice my parents made for me. It should have been my choice from the get-go considering it’s my body and it’s attached to me. I think it’s important to leave the choice up to each individual. If they want to get it done later well then let them go get it. Is it gonna hurt? Yeah. But what’s better? A week of pain as an adult? or a lifetime of emotional pain? I’d take a week of pain over what I have felt. I hope this helps. Plus why would you concider doing it if you know there is no point? -Connor

Tracy’s answer was heartbreaking, but perhaps it was the circumcision that killed her child.
The stress from the shock was possibly the final blow that killed the child, as the child already had a cardiac problem.

Those parents who say,&quot:my son slept through the circumcision&quot: haven’t heard of shock.

Hacking away on the most sensitive part of the male anatomy is a cruel, sadistic and barbaric thing to do to anyone, let alone an infant who cannot defend himself, or to have the right to refuse genital mutilation.

Circumcision has no standards, and is frequently sloppily done and/or botched. Circumcision can kill. Circumcision can cause permanent sexual dysfunction.

Circumcision is damage to the penis, and damages a male’s sexual sensitivity, function and ability.
Since the damage varies so wildly, the adverse effects vary for each individual. This damage is evidenced by the scars from the wounds to the penis, which can appear anywhere from just below the glans to 1/2 or even 2/3 of the way down the penile shaft. The depth of the wounds also varies.

The foreskin is not &quot:extra skin,&quot: but a complex structure, with specialized tissues and about 20,000 specialized nerve endings, and is necessary for complete and normal sexual feeling and function.

You didn’t have any of your girls circumcised, so why would you perpetrate genital mutilation, called circumcision, on a male? It isn’t &quot:cleaner,&quot: and doesn’t prevent any diseases or infections.

Circumcision should be as illegal to perpetrate on male minors as it is for females.

Taking care of a non-circumcised male infant is simple: just wipe the penis, the foreskin isn’t supposed to be retracted or even retractable until about the age of ten, according to a recent Danish study 10 years of age is the average age of retraction. The foreskin is fused to the glans, and you don’t need to clean beneath it any more than you would need to douche a female child of the same age.

For those who think that circumcision is cleaner, what is hygienic about open wounds to the penis of a newborn in the inevitable dirty diapers? No wonder circumcised newborns are 12 times more likely to acquire drug-resistant Staph infections (MRSA).

It’s your son’s penis, not yours or your husband’s. Shouldn’t your son have the right to decide if he wants a normal and natural part of his body chopped off when he’s of age to decide for himself?

Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

A foreskin is not a birth defect: it is a birthright.


edit: the poor child who died, obviously was also stressed by the shock and pain of circumcision—perhaps it wasn’t a direct cause of death, but it undoubtedly contributed to it.
Doctors cover up the adverse effects and complications that circumcision cause: they make lots of money from mutilating male infants.

Well you can’t give your baby a proper bath until his umbilical cord has fallen off which takes a few weeks. So whether you circumcise him or not you cant give him a bath. However, if your planning on having him circumcised at a few weeks/months old you can probably bath him after around a week when it has completely healed as the water in the tub may contain bacteria that could get it infected.

However, I would advise you to not circumcise. My very close friend had a baby by IVF treatment which turned out to be a little boy and she had him circumcised. He died 2 days after his circumcision at 11 days old because it didn’t stop bleeding :'(

Usually within a week. You’ll get instructions afterwards that will tell you when you can and how to take care of it right after it’s done.

It really does heal rather quickly.

However, I have two sons and they both were circ’d. If I ever have another boy, I won’t have it done again.

My last one died of a congenital heart defect three days after he was born and a day after he was circ’d. We didn’t know he had one (a CHD) until after the autopsy.

To think that I allowed my baby to feel a moment of pain in his little life before he died, is still a lot for me to handle. I regret it very much.

EDIT- E W No, my child did not die because of being circumsized. He had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome which is 100% fatal for infants who have it if they do not have surgery right away, and even if they do, the mortality rate is very high with a heart transplant usually required by the late teens.

Look it up and don’t make such stupid and ignorant comments.

I chose not to circumcise my son because i figured that I had not had any problems being uncircumcised so I figured why should he. If he wants to get it done when he is an adult then that is his choice to make being that it is his penis. You need to ask yourself if you should be able to make a choice about something that will affect the rest of his life that he cannot change. If you leave him intact then if he wants he can change it. My son learnt very easily to clean himself and when he was still in nappies it was easy to clean. You do not need to pull the skin back when they are a baby.

some reasons why people say a male should be circumcised.

1– its cleaner to be cut.,
i wash everyday and have no problem with smegma or smell. does that mean cut guys dont have to wash? Mine takes a whole 5 seconds to wash in the shower. Not really a big deal.

2– It helps prevent HIV being spread.
While this &quot:may&quot: be true (i dont think it does) then why is the AIDS rate in the USA so high when the circ rate is still high for adult men but Europe is lower where the vast majority of men are uncut. the same goes for cervical cancer on their partners. Also what is wrong with wearing a condom? not only stops pregnancy but many other STD’s as well.

3– looks better to be cut.
So just because &quot:some&quot: people think it looks better does that mean everyone must be cut? If one person likes large breasts does that mean all women need a breast implant? Plus how can a large scar line around the shaft of your penis be attractive?

4– stops the male getting phismosis.
So because &quot:some&quot: men &quot:may&quot: have this issue all men should be cut? doesnt make sense to me even more so when phismosis can be treated without circumcision. Plus we keep our tonsils and apendix when some people have problems with them.

5– he may get picked on at school.
I never did when a lot of the other guys at school were cut. Why are other guys looking at my penis anyway? plus I never had a sexual partner say they didnt want to have sex with me because of my foreskin.

6– So he looks like dad.
My step father was circumcised as was my step brother. I never had an issue that mine was different because I knew I was intact and they were not. My mother taught me why mine was not the same as them and I never had an issue with it.

7– Its my choice as a parent.
Is it your right to remove a part of your child’s body for any of the above reasons when it is not needed? why not let the boy make the choice as informed adult what he wants done to his body.

And its good to see that the same old foreskin hater is back with the same story as all other times, (now has a new name though). He has a link from a woman who doesnt like a penis with a foreskin, I wonder if she has ever seen one up close? Plus just because she doesnt like them does that mean all men should be cut just because SOME women dont like them?

Having cared for intact (not circumcised) infant boys (my sons), as well as a newly circumcised infant boy (my baby brother), I’ll tell you that based on my experience, it is much easier to care for an intact penis. Circumcision really isn’t necessary, and the risks far outweigh the benefits. The prepuce (foreskin) helps protect the penis and keep it clean and free of bacteria. It’s really not cleaner for a baby boy to urinate and defecate onto a surgical wound on his genitals. An intact newborn penis is super easy to care for – you just wipe it like a finger – no pushing the foreskin back, no fiddling, no mess, and no gauze or petroleum jelly, like a newly circumcised penis.

Circumcision comes with many surgical risks: hemorrhage, shock, infection, and even death. More babies die every year as a result of surgical complications from circumcision than die of SIDS. Leaving your son intact carries no such risk.

You didn’t circumcise your daughters, did you? Why circumcise your baby boy? Your daughters were born with labia majora and labia minora, as well as a clitoral hood. all of those parts of the vulva are necessary for protecting the vulva and vagina and keeping the genitals clean. A boy’s prepuce (foreskin) provides the same benefits. Just like you will (if you haven’t already) teach your daughters to properly wash between the folds of their labia and around the opening of their vagina, you (or the father) can teach your son to wash under his prepuce as soon as it starts to retract naturally on its own. Your daughters have the rights to their own genital integrity. Why not give your son the same rights?

Here’s some links for more info and references:

http://www.circinfosite.com/ &lt:— Tons of info here.

http://intactamerica.org/ &lt:— Great video there by Dr. Dean Edell.

http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/cut-vs-in… &lt:— A simple comparison of circ’d vs. intact infants. Contains pictures.

http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/circumci.html &lt:— A lot of info and studies here.

http://womanuncensored.blogspot.com/2010/01/what-have-i-done-voices-of-circumcision.html &lt:— Mothers who regret circumcising their sons.

http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/are-you-fully-informed.html &lt:— A helpful guide for parents expecting baby boys.

After circumcision….

-your baby will sleep an above-average amount (even for newborns) because he’ll be in so much pain, and his body will be trying to heal itself, and when healing is going on, you tend to sleep more. babies also tend to go into shock/ pass out from the pain and/or the stress of being strapped down, and for being so scared during those long ten minutes (no parents there to comfort them or unstrap them).
-he will not be interested in much bonding with mommy or daddy. instead of being a peaceful newborn, he will be an irritable, agitated newborn who just wants the pain to go away.
-he will need to take sponge baths for a while no matter what.
-circumcision is completely unnecessary and not recommended by any medical society in the WORLD. only 15% of the world’s men are circumcised. most parents would never think to have an unnecessary surgery on their brand new baby, who they just spent nine months creating *perfectly.*

foreskin feels really good. for guys and girls.

if you want to know the full extent of the reasons as to why i am against circumcision, please feel free to email me.

btw, there are many excellent youtube videos on circumcision. here is just one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ev7JFwPWY this video is a bit silly in parts, but it makes some good points. it will also help direct you to other videos on circumcision. i also recommend watching a video of an actual circumcision being done. when i first watched one, i cried my eyes out….not the happiest thing to watch, but it is a must for anyone who is considering having this done to their child.

Excerpt from a nurse website: The reason is clear from a nurse’s description of circumcision. It does not make pleasant reading:

&quot:I have assisted with about 200 [circumcisions] and I have seen sleeping babies not wake up as I gently strapped them to the table. One even slept through the betadine and that is cold stuff. So it is not the restriction that is the problem.

&quot:They take a metal probe– similar to the one the dental hygienist scales teeth with– and separate the foreskin from the glans. Babies scream so hard that they end up with their faces red and mouths wide open with no sound coming out. I had to hold their heads to the side because some vomit from the pain. I always had to get close to their faces and stroke their cheeks because they would stop breathing.

&quot:The doc puts a bell over the foreskin and slides a sterile safety pin through a hole and then through the skin. He cuts with a blade for what seems like an eternity for this baby and deposits the skin on the sterile tray. The penis is RAW– I often through [thought] it must feel like a 3rd degree burn with alcohol being poured over it. Consoling is impossible. They shake and their eyes are wide open with panic.

&quot:Yes, I felt horrible every time. I never got used to it. Each procedure looked as barbaric as the next. [With] many, too much skin was taken off or too little (not worth that torture). I have seen infections, too: the risk of any invasive procedure– even with sterlie [sterile?] fields.

&quot:I get calls from moms who had no problems with breastfeeding and suddenly have trouble. If it is a baby boy, I try to remember to ask when and if he was circumcised. Many of my consults are a result of trauma from the circs. The babies’ state of homeostasis is so messed up from the stress that they are no longer able to suck. Every (lactation consultant).. that I know will tell you how circumcision is a major source of feeding problems in the days following.&quot:2

If you should choose the wrong option to circumcise, than you can bathe your child once the cut has healed.But I advise you to watch these links:

It is so much easier if you leave him intact. As long as the foreskin is glued to the glans it is self cleaning.Once it has detached it can easily be retracted and rinsed with water from the inside. It is just as easy as that. As to supposedly infections: No one of my family is cut: no one of us has ever had any compications with his penis.

Please don’t do it. It’s medically unnecessary, needlessly traumatic, and poses more risks of infection than leaving him intact.

If it’s an issue of your husband/partner wanting his son to look &quot:like him&quot: or looking weird in the
locker room please tell him that the circumcision rate in this country is getting closer to 50%.

The story above of the baby who died shortly after his circumcision just broke my heart.

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