accidently i added diesel engine oil to my petrol motorcycle engine?

hey guys i know u all wud suggest me to change the oil simply…..but i have no money at da moment n i have to go to work daily..so im running my bike for 3 days not a problem occured yet…instead the engine runs more soundless now….BUT CAN A PROBLEM OCCUR????

Every one who has answered so far can’t read.You said you put diesel engine &quot:OIL&quot: in your bike NOT &quot:FUEL&quot:.If it is just oil it won’t hurt a thing.In fact in an older bike it might like heavier oil

wow such mis information he did not say diesel fuel
dude diesel oil is a higher standard with some extra additives to prevent break down and extend the service life
you will be fine change it as soon as you got the funds you would have to do some serious riding at a top notch track with a hard core race engine to break down oil to a point you will have issues in 3 days and if you are that good you would not be on Yahoo Answers

No. Most diesel oils will work well in your motorcycle crankcase. Many people use Rotella T with no problems.

Most diesel engine oils do not have friction modifiers like most regular car engine oils. Friction modifiers CAN cause problems with a wet style clutch that runs in engine oil, like with many motorcycles.

Not a problem.

Oil for diesel crankcases is better than regular car oil. It has additives that have been removed from &quot:car oil&quot: because they damage catalytic converters. The additives are designed to lubricate and to carry off heat.

At one time, Harley-Davidson recommended its use in their bikes when their brand was not available.

Oil is oil the oil used in a diesel is just thicker other than that Oil is just oil

i would change it when i had a chance, it may (slight chance) hurt your clutch,but you engine will be fine..

myself at least, i run diesel oil any time i rebuild an engine, they say it lubricates better in heavy usage and aids break-in

If you put it in the crankcase it will break down the motor oil and make your oil pressure drop to critically low pressures and is going to cause major engine damage eventually. I use diesel fuel in my oil occasionally to keep my engine clean because it breaks down any sludge that may be in there and lets it run out of the motor when I drain the oil. I don’t drive with it in my motor though I just start the engine for a few minutes to get it throughout the engine and wash the sludge out.
I would be changing the oil at the first chance I got if I were you. Hope I have been helpful.

Good luck on the 3 days…..if you make it that long, you may have some pretty bad damage internally to the rings, pistons and cylinders. Its not an oil made to run at such high RPMs….I wouldnt run it in my motor at all.

yes diesel burs more hot than gasoline it can ruin your valves

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