pro-life pro choice?

im pro choice but i would like to hear different views on there opinon

pro-choice-go abortion
pro-life-no abortion

No, I am pro-life. However, my view matters little in the lives of others, so I am also pro-choice.

I’m pro-life! Abortion is murder. A baby is a living human being from the moment it is conceived.

Pro-Death, Anything that exterminates a life is good in my book. From abortions to war to death penalty and random violence in-between I think that the entire population of humans should be culled by 85%. Go Death!
Although I would be open to the idea of a peaceful culling, perhaps a retro-virus that eliminates gamete production would be good.

Pro life=anti death

Pro choice=accomplice to murder

Sorry, but you all know by now. There isn’t a single person who, if they bother to be educated, doesn’t know that from conception there is a unique, special life.

So if you STILL continue to support abortion, you are accomplices to the slaughter of children. While I detest and am horrified by the actions of militant pro-life types, I am equally disgusted by the nonchalant attitude of pro-death types who see killing an infant as something as simple as having a wart removed. I pray that the hurting will end on both sides. But I cannot pretend that pro choice is or has ever been a good thing.

I’m am also thoroughly disgusted by the ignorant comment that &quot:it’s the woman’s body, it’s her choice&quot:

It’s not her body that she’s destroying, it’s another human being. The moment that infant it within a woman’s womb, she loses ALL rights to claim that she has sole custody of all things within her. As long as that silent, growing child lies within her, she is sharing her body with another, and cannot claim that it is a personal issue.

I find it unconscionable that a human person can be so self-centered as to convince herself that because of an inconvenience to her life, typically by practicing unsafe sex, sadly at times the result of sexual abuse, that she has the right to willfully destroy another life! Has our society degenerated to such a point that we are willing to kill those who cannot go anywhere else for protection just because it’s a minor burden for us? What’s next, gunning down the homeless for taking up space in our city parks? Blowing up orphanages to alleviate government cost? Sinking boats of refugees from other nations coming to us to be protected?

And don’t tell me they aren’t related. Don’t you DARE tell me that the unborn aren’t people yet, and don’t bother trying to explain how the difficulties of pregnancy can lead to complications in a woman’s life. Complications will always be there in one way or another. But the life that is ended from an abortion will never, EVER have the opportunity to be &quot:inconvenienced.&quot:

I have no right to tell any human being what they can and cannot do with their bodies. If a woman wants to abort her baby, she has every right to. I don’t know the situation she’s in, I don’t know her financial, mental, emotional or relationship state she’s in, and only she can make that decision.

I only hope that every woman thinks about it honest and truly before going through it. I don’t support abortion as a means of birth control, but I do support it in every other case.

Pro choice.
Let’s talk about pro-life when all the children who are currently without a family have one.
Let’s talk about pro-life when there are no more stories about babies on doorsteps, babies in trash bags, babies on garbage piles.
Let’s talk about pro-life when there are no more birth defects.

Pro-Choice dude.

On this, I trust my mother’s judgment (a physician and mom to 3).

pro choice, but i personally do not like abortions, and would never get one. i plain do not agree with abortions. but i am not about to dictate what another woman does to her body.

I think abortions have their necessity but that using it as a form of birth control is irresponsible.

100% Pro Life!!!

God bless,


All options available to all women, all women make their own choice…

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