Poll: What is your zodiac sign?

Mine’s Aries

Second question: Do u feel, that zodiac sign determines a person’s nature?



and no i do not feel that one zodiac sign sums up a whole person. theres so much more than just one simple sun sign that can explain a person. yes everyone is different cause everyone has a different type of natal chart no matter if they were born the same day andd the same year it will still be different because of the angles etc

well im a scopio

its not only ur zodiac sign which determines a person’s nature.we all r affected by other sun signs too
as per our DOB, time of birth,etc and of course the environment in which we grow up

but yes zodiac definitely affects a person’s nature

Libra here… hmm yes, to a great extent it does determines a person’s nature.. zodiac signs tell you about the charecteristics..so it does not mean u cannot change…


Nope. Not at all. Some people may act like their zodiac sign, but it doesn’t mean everyone is categorized by their sign. I have an Scorpio friend that does not act like a scorpio AT ALL. 😛


&amp: yes, zodiac sign determines a person’s nature.

No I don’t think a person’s nature depends on his/her zodiac, but yes there’s definitely basic traits present in them.


Aries..we are April person..:p

S Q:May be..some people feel though like shatroun ke anusaar balika ka vivah awashak hai.balak ka vivah yadi smay ke anuwar hoga tu ussey khushoyaan prapt hogi..
huh Hindi..:p


Mine is Pisces, and no, I don’t think it does determine a person’s nature because everyone is different.

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