POLL: Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage ??

Arrange Marrige or Love Marriage
which one you prefer ? and Why ??

Well, sometimes you get real lucky in arragned marriage if your parent get u arranged with a super pretty girl whos really smart and beautiful.
Love marriages,you get someone who’s more connected to you and tend to last longer.
I would get a arranged marriage. If that doesn’t work out, i will get a love marriage.

I think the answer is obvious, unless you’re an old ugly man who can’t get any. Arranged marriages are usually pretty sexist in the males favor.

Love Marriage.. why would you want to be married to some stranger who might turn out to be a total weirdo

Love marriage. Life’s too short to spend with someone you haven’t fallen in love with

love marriage.i dont want to be in a relationship with someone i dont like or love.it would be a hell marriage.and im the type of person who would automatically hate anyone im arranged to.even if he is a handsome prince.

love marriage. the other would be weird for me


love marriage….. so that i get time to understand her.. and also she gets time to know me….. hey past matters a lot to me… so she should have a very clean past… in order to have a life long future with me… =]

either is good – but we all have to constantly work to keep the marriage alive.

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