Okay i’m bi and dont want to come out of the closet. Is that so bad?

I asked a question before: ”I never want to come out of the closet. Is there anybody in the same possition?”

You guys all said that i should come out of the closet.

I like girls and guys equally, how about if i keep it to myself and tell those who really need to know. For example if i like a girl, she doesnt need to know i also like guys, does she?

i feel comfortable living like this and its not messing with my head, i feel i can be myself because i have learned that doing this is the way i am so this is myself.

wat i am trying to say is: you may say, be yourself, but i have thought that doing what i am doing is actually being myself. So people may not know the complete truth, (who does?) but that is the way i am.

It can be difficult ok, but even when your straight, or completely gay then you dont have an easy life.

Hope you all understand and show your feelings about this.

i’m 17 male btw.


It’s not wrong at all. I came out and I remember telling all my friends(they always knew) that I kinda regretted it. But because it was so fun hiding it. I had fun lying to my parents and acting straight. It was my home entertainment. And it kinda gets awkward when you start dating guys and having sex and stuff, and then talk about it with your mom or dad [ My parents still think I’m a virgin when I lost my virginity like 5-6 years ago]. It’s your choice but for the record it will be hard finding someone special that is gay. Most of the people I know like guys who are out. Now I don’t mean, running down the block screaming I’m Bi, I mean like are out to friends and at least one family member, because when you date someone in the closet its like your love is totally secret from everyone and some people can’t handle that.

First off, HOCD isn’t an actual medical condition. It is rather just something that was invented to explain homosexual tendencies in teens. Wondering why guys think girls are hot should give you a great idea that you are not a lesbian. If you’re having any thoughts of being with another woman that doesn’t make you gay. As a teenager your hormones are rising and you need a way to expel them. For some people it may be having sexual intercourse with multiple partners of different sexes, while others may just need to be in a relationship. If you do happen to be a homosexual, which I’m sure most people doubt you are, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Also, if you think a girl is pretty doesn’t make you gay. It just means that you can identify what your idea of attractive is. Don’t freak out so much about this sort of thing. Judging by your question and additional information I’d guess you’re between 12-16, you still have a lot of growing up to do. You’re not a homosexual, you just need to grow up. Also, Justin Bieber looks like a girl… so you might be a little bit gay.

Well if you don’t want to tell girls you also like guys, they’ll eventually find out and they might not be thrilled. I personally don’t want to date bi guys, nothing against you or anything, but I want someone who’s all for girls. But if you believe that not coming out is being yourself, why dont’ you acually ask yourself if you are really bi. Maybe you think guys are cute but that would be normal, guys can have opinions about others looks but it might not mean they want to get serious about them or anything. But I don’t know, so if this isn’t how you are, that’s fine. I’m just throwing out the possibilities. But don’t worry what other people could think about you. I have a gay friend when he came out all the boys hated him because they were afraid he’d rape them or something but that’s because he’s gay. I know he wouldn’t do that to anyone. You’ll find out who your true friends are who don’t care and will still love you and always be there for you.

Do whatever you feel is right for you. Maybe coming out and telling everyone is not the best thing to do, Just live a normal life. I think i’m Bi but no one else needs to know except for my husband, who doesn’t seem to mind. He finds it a turn on.lol. As long as you’re happy then that’s all that matters.

Its not that bad. Usually, its better to be honest when your in a relationship, and its the nicest thing for your friends, for you to be open, but its OK to keep it secret.
If you have a boyfriend, it might put you in a position to lie if he has had some kind of relationship with a girl, and asks you if you’ve ever had to, and its ended unhappily, but you could always tell the truth too.
Myself, I like closets. They’re cozy and warm.

I’m also bisexual and at around 17 years old I was not planning on coming out either because I didn’t feel it was that important. I came out and it was enthralling. Its an amazing feeling to not feel like your hiding something from anyone. When you feel like there is nothing stopping you from being who you are. You’ll understand one day.

You are fine, just do what you feel comfortable with. It’s really no one’s business but yours. Potential partners, however, might feel otherwise. Finding out you like to play for both teams does not generally sit too well with a bf/gf if you have not been up-front about it.

pretty though one!! 🙂 well for me its better for you to be comfortable or shall i say if ur really ready to come out thats the time you should if not u might regret you decision soon. with regards to liking both.,.hmm thats kinda hard. … well hopefully u just choose one.. coz if u put urself in the girls shoes that ur bf is secretly liking another guy.. u might not feel good right? .. i dont know if ur getting my point here LOL … but i sure hope u just choose one…

You’re a teenage guy, of course you’re going to feel ambivalent about coming out. You don’t need to share that aspect of yourself with anyone until you’re ready to, and from what I understand, when you’re ready to come out, you’ll know. What’s important is that you’re comfortable and happy with yourself.

It is wrong to have a girlfriend… and be sleeping with dudes behind her back.

If you don’t understand that, then you have a bigger problem than being bisexual.

If you have a relationship with a girl… she is the ONE that needs to know. You either need to find a girl that doesn’t have a problem with that… or don’t have a &quot:girlfriend.&quot:

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