Obama saves 25 jobs in Ohio!! Isn’t he off to a great start…?

650,000 more Americans lost their jobs in February, the first full month of the new Obama Administration and our national unemployment rate is now at a 25 year high – 8.1%!!

Meanwhile, Obama is touring Ohio bragging about the 25 jobs he saved with his $800 billion stimulus package!!

Is it just me, or do you agree too – isn’t Obama off to a great start??


How many jobs have you saved?


Looks like he’s beating you…..

LOL I’m not even sure about the 25 count. I’ve heard that the cops were recruits and the stimulus money has not yet reached their area.

Any retention or creation of jobs is nice, but it probably takes 5 private sector jobs to pay for 1 public one. Obama should not focus on federal spending but on tax breaks to businesses that hire people.

Unlike some of the other conservative leaning respondents here, I don’t expect the economy to get better very fast. Those sorts of job losses are normal in a recession and we aren’t even close to the unemployment under Great Depression. I just happen to think that massive government spending at this time will leave us worse off and will make recovery harder.

I’m so sick of these type of negative questions…the current administration had EIGHT YEARS TO CREATE THE CONDITIONS THAT CAUSED THE CURRENT SITUATION!!!

No matter WHO became president, the same mess would be sitting in the oval office awaiting a fix. It is childish and foolish-looking to attack the president just because he inherited a mess…

would republicans still be so nasty if McCain had won and the circumstances were identical–which they would be– or would he have some miracle up his sleeve that would have fixed everything and taken us back the the ZERO DEFICIT THAT BILL CLINTON HANDED OVER TO THE NEW PRESIDENCY WHEN HE LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE?

Obama’s arm has got to be hurting him by now seeing how he has always got it bent behind him patting himself on the back.

Poohcat1 you hit the nail on the head, even Sassy One would have to agree with you given the “saved” jobs she sited in her post. (And remember, the more government jobs that are created, the more tax dollars you have to pay to your local, state &amp: federal government to support those jobs).

I don’t agree that the situation would be the same if McCain would have been elected. One of the reasons for the rising unemployment is a result of the uncertainty in the market because of this administrations failure to do anything but spend and promise to raise taxes and the angst of employers to release workers/staff because of the promise of higher taxes. No one who creates employment in the public sector is getting any positive vibes from this administration. They are all just trying to keep their doors open for business by restructuring &amp: cutting back where necessary and preparing for what has been promised to come, just as you have done, PAULO.
Even the administration doesn’t pretend to exude confidence in it’s plan.

sure, yet saving government jobs that produce no longer something – even police jobs – does no longer something to assist the economic device. Saving government jobs with a plan which will result interior the destruction of the economic device is lots like battling the bleeding on your finger by potential of reducing off your arm.

When Obama saves around 500,000 jobs then I will congratulate him. Saving 25 jobs was just a photo opp for Obama and a ego boost, kind of like getting an award for doing one good thing and broadcasting it to the world. We all need to be humble, something that Obama has no idea how to do.

Woo hoo! Thank you Comrade Dictator Obama! The score for the week:

691,000 jobs lost minus
25 jobs created =

690,975 unemployed

What a fantastic job, Comrade! Celebrate by eating some more of those $100 a pound Japanese steaks while millions of us have to use food stamps to survive because you didn’t &quot:save&quot: our jobs.

All hail the mighty Dictator Obozo!

Those 25 jobs are only paid for through the end of the year. Then the city of columbus has to come up with a way to pay.

Flying on air force one for a photo op is disgusting.

ridiculing the president and being mr No is what makes Republicans silly and irrelevant. The truth is that just passed recovery package will create around 3.5 million jobs… and yes 25 of them are in A PARTICULAR police precinct in Ohio.

I’m surprised he even accomplished that much.

This guy has absolutely no clue what the heck he is doing.

Considering that Obama’s on the job training will not be done for another year or two, I consider this feat monumental for Obama.

That was just one place, idiot.

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