Kobe = 09/10 MVP . . .?

I read on some website that Kobe missed 7 games over the last 4 years and 4/7 were suspensions. Plus he’s played in FIBA and Olympics. I mean seriously? How is this guy pull off a championship &amp: a Finals MVP. Now that he will finally get some rest this season, will he come re-energized to the 09-10 season with Artest, get the best record, put up solid stats and get the MVP?

Maybe. We will have to see. But it’s hard to say because there are soo many great players in the league. Such as Lebron, Wade, Paul, Deron, Howard, etc.

I am excited to see how well he will play this season with some rest.

i don’t hate kobe but i don’t think he’ll win it next season cause
remember when the celtics had the best reg. season in 07-08,they had 3 great superstars and the lakers have like 4 which is kobe,artest,pau,and odom,so i don’t think kobe will need to produce much scoring maybe just 25 a game since artest can create his own shot

plus if you notice,the last mvp’s
lebron,kobe,dirk,steve had to do lots of work in their positions
lebron had to get his stats cause his team isn’t as deep as the lakers
kobe in the 08 season won it since bynum got injured making him into a scoring machine again
dirk help the mavs win 67 games and had to score lots of points for his team to win
steve just simply put his teammates first and was going crazy for assist and made big shots

next season maybe dwayne wade since his team isn’t as deep as the lakers,cavs,nuggets,celtics,magic,etc.
you get my point but the mvp nowadays has to produce big numbers for the season while having a good record which is why i think wade will win it and kobe or lebron won’t since they have great players around them
the lakers are most likely gonna win the championship though and that’s what matters

I never knew that.

It’s going to be tough especially with Dwight, Wade, Lebron, Paul all going to improve their game from last year.

I don’t think Kobe wants an MVP more than he wants another Championship.
Kobe would need to average around 25 ppg 7 apg, 7rpg, 1 block, 1 steal per game and also have his team be the best in the league.

Hope I helped.

Brandon Roy. Breakout season next year. guarantee. G Oden will step up. 60 win season. MVP.
ALso, look for Kevin Durant to step up big. With better teammates, he will improve even more. 28ppg 7 reb 4 assists. 40% 3 point its all possible.
Same with D wade. If he keeps up last years stats and beasley steps up like expected, he has a great chance.

no because MVP u cant have that much great players y Jordan only won six is an example he had scottie pipen and kobe will not only have pau but he will have ron too

i agree. with artest on the team kobe doesnt have to always guard the other teams best player. he can now concentrate more on the offensive end and getting his teamated better looks. i predict that he will put up pretty big number. he will go over 30ppg i think.

James will win the MVP title .
Kobe is overrated .

Brandon and Daniel: I’m glad you are NOT Lakers fans because you bring only shame and embarrassment to your team.
Yeah, like Christian, I didn’t know this fact either. Pretty cool.

Also, Little Tsunami: AWESOME PIC!

Kobe Bryant is better then LeBron James and best in the NBA.

The guys a winner not a sore loser (lebron). Any great player can do this, not just kobe.

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