Hart Dynasty or Natalya, who deserves GOLD more?

Which would you rather see Hart Dynasty lift the Tag Team Titles or Natalya lift the Womens Title?

BQ: Who’s the more impressive idividual competitor Natalya, Tyson Kidd or DH Smith?

Tough one. I’m gonna go with Natalya just because I dont like Smith that much. he is kinda bland.

BQ. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kidd how ever I have never seen a female wrestler as technical as Natalya. brownie points for her because of that

Blair, I do not want you to think that I am a suck-up or expect a best answer but I just thought of the same question this morning. Since the Hart Dynasty are getting over the crowd, it is hard to decide what is better for Natalya. But I think that The Hart Dyansty should lift the gold after versing few more tag-teams. I realized that the WWE is not really misusing Natalya, in fact she is slowly helping her boyfriend Tyson Smith and friend DH Smith with their careers. If Natalya is the Women’s champ, then there will be no suspense anymore.

Hart Dynasty

I would say natalya, but overall, hart dynasty because they are a real tag team and are really talented. however, i also believe it’s time for natalya to get a push and get a title shot because she’s been a joke and she’s been prancing around. her &quot:prancing&quot: is getting old. it’s time for wwe to take hjer seriously because she’s actually an established wrestler unlike half of the divas.

bq- dh smith is the most impressive in my opinion.

Hart dynasty because I have not seen natayla in action for ages

BQ tyson Kidd


BQ: Tyson Kidd

Natalya needs the Gold now. She has been jobbing so much, oh i dont even remember any of her matches. She only comes to the ring in her usual attire, and stands at the ring side. Wow, great effort in that.

BQ: DH Smith.

Hart Dynasty, they are the one of two actual tag teams in WWE, ShoMiz doesn’t count they were just randomly thrown together.

BQ: Tyson Kidd

But they both deserve Gold.
Screw Show-Miz Give it to the hart dynasty!

Hart Dynasty because they never had title shot in WWE other than FCW title shots but Natayla had a Divas Champioship shot.

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