☮What type of music do you listen to??☮?

What type of music do you listen to??
[[i listen to all kinds of music!!]]

I listen to pretty much everything…

Except Disney pop stars music.


But mostly, Classic Rock.

A different kind of music from a different time.

Mostly I listen to modern rock and alternative. 🙂 Not country though that is so annoying! 😀

mostly r&amp:b but i also listen to rap, alternative, pop, and a little bit of country

Reggae ♥
&amp:’also like Rock, Punk, R&amp:B, some Rap..:-)

screamo/techno like breathe carolina &lt:3

Rock, Indie rock, pop, alternative you know the good stuff.

most ’60s ’70s &amp: ’80s

everything, but a lot of electro at the moment


alternative rock/indie rock

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