Would you want to CONTROL peoples minds or READ peoples minds?

I`d rather CONTROL their minds… it would come in handy more often!
but READING people`s mind is VERY tempting too lol!

star if you like ice-cream!

Control, With this i could do much more. Including making them tell me whats on their mind

control because then you can control what they think so you would therefore be able to read their mind as well. it’s all about control

Control Mind is kinda perverse XD

I prefer reading minds…


Cute, This is spanish version of ur question… Credits goes to u:


hmmm I would like to control peoples minds lol

Control of course.

I wouldn’t read their minds if that choice was given to me for free.
No way, I don’t want to know what people think.

hmmm, probably control, because then you automatically read their minds since you are controling it! Makes sense?

I’m craving a strawberry sundae!

I’d rather control people’s minds, because you could use it to manipulate their actions!

Read minds I like icecream!


Read, life would be too &quot:perfect&quot: if i could control it then it would get boring

if i got control id be the wealthiest meaniest person in the world. so ill just stick with reading them i like who i am lol.

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