Level 2 of Yahoo Answers?

Hi how many points do you have to get to get to level 2 of yahoo answers?

In order to get to Level 2, you need to get a total of 250 points. There are some good ways to get to Level 2 quickly. First, make sure that you limit the number of questions that you ask a day. They make you lose 5 points, so keep them sparse. Second, make sure that you answer 20 questions a day and vote for 20 best answers a day. Make sure that the answers that you post could potentially become best answers, as you get 10 points for a best answer.

Once you reach Level 2, you are able to answer up to 40 questions a day, and you are able to vote for 40 best answers a day. You also gain the ability to give people the thumbs up and thumbs down ratings for their answers.

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You need a total of 250 points to become a Level 2. Here is the Point Table:

Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers One Time: 100
Ask a question -5
Choose a best answer for your question 3
No Best Answer was selected by voters on your question Points Returned: 5
Answer a question 2
Deleting an answer -2
Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once daily: 1
Vote for a best answer 1
Vote for No best answer 0
Have your answer selected as the best answer 10
Receive a &quot:thumbs-up&quot: rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) 1 per &quot:thumbs-up&quot:

Here is the link to both the Point Table and the Level Table:


Level 2 – 250 points

Level 2 starts at 250 points – you ahve 112.

All levels can pick a best answer to questions they ask and can vote for best answer on others’ undecided questions. Once you hit level 2 &amp: get the ability to ‘rate’, the only difference in the levels is the daily limits on questions, answers, comments, votes, etc.

Levels 2 and up can ‘rate’ the answers of other Y!A users. Rating = giving Thumbs Up &amp: Down to express your opinion of other peoples’ answers. No points are involved (unless a best answer has TUs, then they get 1 point for each TU up to 50) in rating, and thumbs do not determine the Best Answer selection.


answer your limit of questions each day (2 points each)
get an answer selected as best answer (10 points each)
pick a best answer for your question (3 points)
vote your limit of unresolved questions each day (1 point each)
you also get a point a day for signing in

each question costs 5 points, so ask sparingly





250 but make sure when you get them you are a few over as you lose 5 points for asking and could go back to level 1 …..

by getting a minimum of 250 points. you can get points by answering questions and by saving advanced searches.


250 points.

Read this link for all scoring information o Y/A.


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