How to crate train a 13 week old puppy?

Okay, so I am getting a puppy on Tuesday (4 days) and she isnt house trained, so I was thinking about crate training her! I was wondering these questionss(:

How many hours can I leave her in the crate at her age?

What should I put in the crate? I already have two old towels. One on the bottom of it and one rolled up around it so she can lay up against it so it isnt uncomfortable.

And other tips/advice is needed because I am only 13 and she is my dog(: Here is a pic of her!


Crate training is definitely the easiest way to house train! 🙂 what I do when crate training my pups is I put their bed (cushion, towels, blankets etc) in one end of the crate, and leave the other end covered in newspapers. this means that she should still want to hold it in, but just in case, she’s got the newspaper to go on. Many people will tell you not to do it this way as it just incourages the put to toilet in the crate, but that’s not the case at all. If the pup is able to hold on long enough, then she will whether there is paper there or not, but if she can’t hold it in, it’s less distressing for her if she can do it on the paper (and it’s easier to clean up after!) This is the way I’ve done it will all of my pups and normally they never accident in it when they’re in the crate during the day, and it was only the first 2 nights that they have an accident. Just make sure that your pup gets taken out every hour, on the hour as well as immediately after every sleep, playtime, meal, drink or whenever the pups starts sniffing the floor as if she’s about to pee or poop. As for how long you can keep in in the crate at any given time, I would say over night a maximum of nine hours, and during the day around a maximum of three hours. Also, make sure that when she cries throught the night, you DO NOT get up to see her or let her out, if you do this you’ll just be encouraging the behaviour and she’ll get in to the habit of crying everynight just so you’ll go and see her. put up with it fo the first couple of nights and it won’t be long before she gives up! Another thing I also do which makes everything a lot easier is train my pups to toilet on command. This can come in useful in many ways. It’s pretty easy to do, everytime your pup is doing the toilet outside, whether it’s a pee or a poo, just say your chosen command (I say &quot:busy busy&quot: but you could use &quot:make&quot: or &quot:quick quick&quot:) over and over the whole time your pup is relieving herself. You need to say it quietly enought that it won’t distract her but loud enough that she can hear you. keep doing this every time she goes to the toilet outside (and make sure all other members of the family do it too) for at least four months, or however long it takes her to understand what you mean. This is the method that The Guide Dogs for the Blind use to train their dogs. When the dog is an adult it means that whenever you need her to go to the toilet, you just say the command, and she’ll get to it! 🙂 Good luck and have fun with your new puppy!


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