Spiritually speaking (seriously), did they went a little overboard?


I’m gobsmacked, flabbergasted and lost for… those thihngs that we write sentences with… words!

Crap, that link cost me at least 30 IQ points

I’m reminded of the spoof newsflashed in the Robocop movies.

Why is their pic of the globe so F’ed up? Florida almost connects straight to South America in it.

That was a reality check on just how far they go. You win definitly overboard.

It’s like the interwebz went back to the year 2002 or something.

They sure do seem to think they’re all that and then some. Either that or they’re insecure with their claims and feel the need to make up for it with flashy graphics.

Now that my seizure has passed…

That’s just tacky. Think of the poor they could’ve fed with the thousands that site design cost them. I bet their pastor lives in a $1,000,000 home. Look at the pastor’s $5,000 dentures in his pic.

Isn’t it odd the home page talks about money and tax exemption?

I have a headache now.

That was like some Orwellian mind control experiment.

Wow that was crazy, but if they can just get one organization to sign up for their non-profit consulting program, it will all be worth it.

Yes – Use the KISS method = Keep It Simple Stupid.



oh and they didn’t just dive head first, they dived head first into a pool of cement is what they did.

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