Since Michael Jackson is now (I think) the most famous dead celebrity/person ever?

Who do you think was the most famous dead person/celebrity before Michael Jackson had died?
I’d say Elvis Presley was, or even John Lennon

It’s a bit premature to call MJ the most &quot:famous&quot: dead celebrity ever. Recent doesn’t equate to most popular.

What about people like Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Jean Harlow and Rudolph Valentino….or even Jesus Christ for that matter? All of them were very popular celebrities or notable persons who died way before their times…and millions of people around the world grieved their deaths as strongly as they are now grieving Michael Jackson.

MJ was around in times of better communication, and around for a much longer time than Elvis or Lennon. People would be attracted by Lennon because he was murdered and had a tragic sort of death. But people will be comparing Michael and Elvis forever because they both died young, and were revolutionary.
I’d have to say Michael probably had that tiny edge over Elvis, and a lot of his publicity wasn’t &quot:good publicity&quot: but hypocrites are now crying over his grave and saying they loved him all along despite the fact that they were nowhere to be seen when he was in trial, so Michael was probably the most famous person, let alone most famous dead.

To all the above that said stuff about how good people were: yeah but they were less famous, or as famous, as MJ. MJ was too universal not to have world appeal.

MJ is not the most famous dead celebrity EVER. Just for right now. You probably don’t remember when Elvis died, or John Lennon was murdered or JFK and Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. When Princess Dianna died, the press and coverage about her was far greater than that (so far) of Michael Jackson.

I’d say a draw between Michael Jackson and Princess Di

My mom says that this has received more attention and coverage than Elvis. I’d probably agree with you. Those other two made some great contributions. But MJ is such a quintessential story of fame gone wrong you know, in an even more tragic way than just about anyone else.

I think they’ll be equally as famous once Michael’s death isn’t in the papers anymore. I just think more people of this decade or so knew who Michael was, so it probably seems asthough hes the most famous. But they’re all big parts of music’s history, so neither, i dont think, will be more famous.

i don’t even wanna think about how famous they are after they die.

I didnt want Michael to go. I can’t comment on the others as I was born in the 80’s.

I can’t feel sad for the other Legends that have passed because they were not in my lifetime.

Michael was the biggest thing when I was growing up.

Elvis Presley. He was &quot:The King of Rock-n-Roll&quot:. MJ was just the &quot:King of Pop&quot:. Rock-n-Roll &gt:&gt:&gt: Pop.

MJ certainly had international acclaim, but EP’s death was surrounded by mystery tales of him still being alive, making him even more famous.

I don’t agree with the person that said only kings presidents and emperors will be remembered. That may have been true before recorded music, but since we now have TV and radio things are different. Have people forgot Shakespeare? No, because he was recorded. Who is more famous, Shakespeare or his King? Who were the senator’s when Socrates was alive? Not many know. Great works of art, which today include movies and records, are more remembered than great leaders.


It was ans probably still we be Elvis.
But I do think Micheal Jackson is now a close second.
Even if you dont like him, you have to hand him to it, he is a legend.

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