Holidayvey: Since today kind of turned into Tattoo Thursday, should tomorrow be &quot:make like a fish&quot: day?

I’m just wondering…

Health &amp:gt: General Health Care &amp:gt: Injuries &amp:gt: pescoplasty is painful.

MY GOD NO…what is wrong with you…i am a fish…no to fish days…well unless you wanna pet my gills or blow me up….i’, a puffer fish..every now and then i need some help puffing out…i mean up..oh hell..just blow me…..UP…i think i will stop here..

Now I gotta go look up pescowhatever.

Fish? Seriously? Cuz if I’m the only fish tomorrow…..yous gonna pay! LOL!

I think I wanna be a blue tang….you know, Dorrie from Nemo. &quot:Nuttin in my noggin.&quot:

Women can be like fish I just can’t decide to mount or eat them.

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