My 3 year old is fine 75% of the time, 25% of the other he is drooling and grabs his tongue?

He is perfectly fine most of the time, No fever, cough, or runny nose. No sores anywhere. And everything looks normal, and he acts normal most of the time. And the other time he is drooling, and kinda talking funny like he dont want to move his tongue, and touches it a lot. He has been doing this for about 2 months now on and off. He’s been to quite a few different doctors, And has had a lot of different test done. Everything so far has been coming back normal….Has anyone else gone through this? Any ideas would be great!!!


When my middle daughter was younger she would at times play with her tongue. She would look like she was chewing gum or something but her mouth would be empty. She also seemed to have more drool than normal too. I think it was just the way she was moving her mouth and tongue that created the drool.

Im pretty sure its normal. You may want to take hin to a childs specialist for future referencea. But kids do funny things at that age. They learn


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