America, without stern correction of governance, how long till we reach the Point of No Return?


You guessed it. I’m a loyalist to Our Liberties, as is this band [which is why, for over 30 years, I’ve remained a loyal fan].

The question, expounded upon, is:

Unless we demand a return to representative government at all levels (and neither McCain nor Obama possess that virtue: but then, they’re only running for ONE office – an office easily over-powered by all others) how long can our Liberties remain in tact?

I don’t like the answer I come up with.

It’s like the question, &quot:How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Only one, but the lightbulb has to really want to change.&quot:

Do we really want to be a free country? Enough to work hard to turn things around?


PS did you see this? http://www.dailypaul.com/node/52466

Handing a doggy a chew toy to distract from the wires isn’t a correction, it relatively is a distraction, you’re offering the canine a distinctive behaviour from the only it is at present showing. A correction, or a minimum of correction the way it the be conscious is utilized in maximum canine training connections, is whilst the canine is bodily or verbally informed that its contemporary action is faulty. working example, the canine pulls the leash: The handler jerks the canine’s prong collar = correction. The handler stands nevertheless = the canine does not get the needed reaction (that’s getting forward quicker), yet isn’t corrected. confident, there are some handlers that declare all corrections are undesirable and thumbs as much as them in the event that they might look after all circumstances without utilising corrections, rather some thing like unexpected canine-fights. i don’t use corrections whilst coaching my canine some thing new and that i attempt to sidestep them whilst she does some thing she’s not meant to, yet I do sense that there are particular circumstances the place a correction is the terrific action, rather considering I certainly have a reliable willed breed. My first canine replaced right into a dominant lady and that i replaced into in some situations forced to be hard on her – hard not meaning hitting, inflicting her soreness or alpha-rolling, yet being business enterprise, letting the canine understand whilst a planned undesirable behaviour replaced into inacceptable, because of the fact the form of canine I certainly have, is the type which will attempt you out. i had to enhance my new doggy with none corrections, yet after a week at our place, she grew to become further and extra unhappy, insecure, growling and snappish. I spoke to the breeder, who informed me to bypass returned to my old training techniques, so I did, and interior of three days I had a happy, comfortable, candy, wide-spread obnoxious doggy on my palms.

It’s already over. The majority won’t realise until it’s too late that both parties are controlled by the same globalists. The country has been taken over by criminals, and it’s now totally out of control.

The government is openly breaking its own laws and the people are just rolling over and taking it. The CFR and Bilderberg group are steering this ship now, and they have no allegience to the US, its Constitution, or its people. They will finish gutting this country, using us for our military, robbing us blind, and when they are done, they’re going to pull the plug and watch us turn on eachother.

Buy ammo, silver, gold, food, and water filtration systems. Turn your backyard into a garden if you can. Organize with your neighbors, stay alert, and get ready for one hell of a bumpy ride.

You’re about 365+ days too late. We’ve been screwed for so long by them that we’re being to think it’s only natural.

Given the only viable options available to us in November. I would go with the Democratic one. Just one mans opinion mine.

4 years ago.

What are you talking about? Obama is for the people, and he wants to put this country back together like our founding fathers did.

Another victim of propaganda, trying to waste his vote. good luck, on beating your dead horse

our liberties will remain intact as long as the republicans are out of office


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