My grandmother says she has been slightly dizzy and she loses her balance. Should she see a doctor?

I hate taking her to the doctor because it takes too long and the doctor will only tell her to take it easy. Should I wait a few more weeks to see what happens?

Hide the alcohol from her.

yes. You should take her to the doctor. It could be her heart, her blood pressure, her sugar, or any number of things.

She might have a UTI. Take her in to besafe before she falls and breaks something.

old people feeling dizziness is common, it could be the side effects of long term modern medications or instantaneous lack of blood flow to the brain

but you have to worry about her losing balance due to dizziness. older people bone density is low, falling could easily break their hips or legs. tell your grandmother, always move her body in a slow motion, slow walking, slow sitting down and slow standing up, don’t twist around, don’t twist her neck looking around. if she wants to look behind, turn her head slowly. these slow motion will help keeping your grandmother from falling down. you can take her to see the family doctor, but i am sure the best the family doctor can do is to send her for cat scan. older people should have cat scan once in a while, most of the cancer is discovered through cat scan.

i hope the neurologist can find out the cause of older people dizzy falling

No. Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

it sounds like she may have vertigo, it may be something worth checking out

Does she have a cold or some other minor illness ?? Those can sometimes mess with the balance temporarily …..

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