Is there such a thing as a &quot:WHORE&quot: or only INSECURE RELIGIOUS MONKEYS who wield the word?

I was watching an Islamic stoning video where filthy Islamic ape people where stoning a helpless woman. Their faces were taught and full of hate (like the sith lord from star wars) for this poor woman who was being stoned to death. whore!!…those Islamic apes love that word, ofcourse Muslims arent the only to use it, other insecure men do as well, but if youve really kmown muslim men, how they talk between themselves…thats their favorite word.

sith lord

&quot:Whore&quot: redirects here. For other uses, see Whore (disambiguation).
Prostitution is the sale of sexual services. A person selling sexual services is a prostitute, a type of sex worker.

As Jesus said &quot:he that is without sin cast the first stone&quot:
a lot of men go around having sex with whoever they want and if they notice a woman that does the same they brand her a whore. But in God’s eyes the men are just as guilty

that’s in reality a nature vs. nurture question utilized to faith. If &quot:god&quot: supposedly created the international, which comprise our organic tendencies then why wouldnt we settle for god from start? that’s easily extremely exciting, and that i could extremely go with to study a logical religious answer. I dont have faith in any faith so I cant even start to fathom how somebody is going to logically clarify this one. Oh, and to Catti-brie. . . . undesirable undesirable analogy. If something, it at as quickly as helps the dude’s theory that nurture is what shapes a individual’s faith, no longer nature. edit: mcshughes, speech is organic because of the fact that’s our more desirable style of verbal substitute. verbal substitute is organic and found out from start. babies can use sign language and CRYING to get their component throughout the time of. Crying is the 1st component a toddler does as quickly as out of the womb. that’s a verbal verbal substitute.

Well, Christian Bible approves this in first testament. Some people look for purity in women and some do not. In some countries rape is life imprisonment! But what is rape? Do they deserve life term for one single biological act – which is quite normal in the animal world? Same way Muslims give lots of emphasis on other peoples sex life. Stupid? Yes. A prostitute should not be punished with her life, and a rapist should not be punished with his life either. Outrageous? Yes. You see, it is all how we view things. We hold dear to our law and values, Muslims to theirs. And being human, we think ours is better.

they hate themselves so they hate women because they blame women for their own evil lusts when women want nothing to do with it.. they are jealous of women too… that the women is the victim while they cannot control their evil. any man who calls a woman a whore has uncontrollable lust for her and hates himself. muslim men cannot be truly loved by a woman because they dont know how to treat them so entire nations go around mad. unhappy women in the home=unhappy men=unhappy nations

No, thats a sl*t

badong couldn’t have put it better.

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