I downloaded a program off of limewire and now my computer won’t start. Help!?

It gets past the windows boot up line and then a black screen with the cursor pops up but then it goes away and it’s just a black screen.

Start your computer in safe mode (Press F8 rapidly before the boot screen and navigate to start in safe mode).

Use system restore to restore your computer to before you downloaded the program. If system restore is disabled, try uninstalling it or deleting that program off your hard drive.

Hope it helps.

And yet another reason to always scan the files you download before you click that install button. You my friend have a virus, which one I don’t know and the effects I cannot tell you. But from the sounds of it you probably just got your windows information deleted so you are looking at a full reinstall and you have just lost everything you have downloaded and not backed up (hope you did a system back up recently, but I doubt it).

You have 2 choices here. You can (A) use your windows disk to do a system repair and just put back the files that got removed and your computer may boot, or the virus will just delete them again. (B) Do a full system reinstall and loose all your information, but the virus will be gone.

On a side note after you get this fixed I suggest uninstalling Limewire.

Everybody knows that you’re NEVER supossed to download programs off of Limewire. Only music.

Try running it in safe mode. The virus is obviously attacking your system 32 and Windows files.
If you can find your boot disk, you can log on to windows using that.

That is what happens when you download illegal software. Re-install the system, but you MUST delete the partition when offered the option. Otherwise you will simply be loading over the same bug, and it will re-infect.

Most likely a virus. All I can think of is call a computer fixer person to clean up your computer.

try starting in safe mode and use any cleaners you have. annoying isnt it? tryed too download a movie yesterday and ended up getting 3 trojans w00t

go to this page:


download and install either AVG 8.5 or AVAST, but not both together.

run a full system scan and fix errors.

you probably picked up a virus

oh my god, limewire is so bad. why do people use it, ill never know.

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