Card used without permission,. bank charges?

My ex partner emptied my bank without my permission and i have a ВЈ200 over draft and now its almost -ВЈ600. Ive called the bank, police ect but because he used my card and my number they said that there isn’t really anything they can do about it and im going to have to pay it all back. The bank has now put ВЈ150 worth of charges on me, are they aloud to do that?

Yes they are allowed to do that.
Basically because you did not keep your PIN number safe and it was your partner who accessed the account.

I hope you cancelled that card fast, and perhaps also changed the account number, so he cannot repeat the experience. See if your family can help you pay off the overdraft altogether (and repay them), or you could find the bank adding on more and more charges as long as the amount owed is unauthorised. Sell everything you can do without, on ebay, take on extra work if you can find it, live very frugally, and do every single thing you can to get rid of that debt. You need to get on top of it, or the situation will get on top of you.

Could the bank help you pin down where he has gone, by telling you where the money was withdrawn? Then have him charged with theft. He had no right to steal from you, or touch your own personal bank account. You are much better off without him – he obviously can’t be trusted.

Good luck !!

Did the police give you a crime number?
This is still theft and they should not just dismiss it if you wish to make a formal complaint.

Did the bank say there isn’t really anything they can do about it? If so, was this on the phone or in writing?

I would contact citizens advice or nationaldebtline for advice on how to proceed with this. They should be able to advise and tell you what you can expect them to do.

~~It depends on whether he is a signer on the account, or did he just steal the money?

If he is not a joint account holder, then I would call the police and turn him in. You will have to press charges and then take the report to the bank. They should work with you until he is forced to pay the money back.

This is really a rotten situation, I hope it gets resolved in your favor.~~

bank charge alot for over draft. best thing is to talk to your ex partner and get some one to beat him up


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