When will gas hit 4 dollars per gallon average?

so when will gas hit the 4 dollar mark what do u think? CNN says by memorial day!

by summer for sure

Depends on what state you’re living in. In CA, that will be a strong possibility. In other states with lower density and less state gas taxes, it shouldn’t get to 4 dollars a gallon. The media always likes to make a big deal about those issues to keep you tuned in (like a meteorologist talking about a possibility of a &quot:storm&quot: so that you watch the forcast everyday). They have been talking about this 4 dollars a gallon since April 2006, and have we seen it? No. Prices go up and down and for sure with summer demands, it’s pretty natural that they will go up, but gas producers, refineries and gas stations are not stupid, they can’t just price gas at 4, 5 or 10 dollars a gallon because that will cause a major drop in sales. For sure you will still need to drive to work but you probably won’t drive for 10 hours on a family trip. In any case, many states have stated that should there be an unreasonable increase in gas prices, they will be willing to subsidize taxes on gas in order to keep prices at bay or at a minimal level of control. So whatever CNN, MSNBC and Fox News say, I’d hold on before worrying about that.

Another month or so. I don’t care what it costs. Just so we can get it when we want it. Not having it available would be a much more serious problem. Think about that before falling for the socialists ideas of hanging the oil companies or taxing them even more. Guess who pays those taxes.

Fifteen years ago in UK. But our gallons are 8 x 20 fl oz against the US 8 x 16 fl oz.

My guess is sometime in May, perhaps early May, before the holiday. Usually price hikes occur during this time, as demand increases.

Within the next 70 cents or so.

i think it will be at 4 by june, gas for my car is still at 3.03 but thats alot for me…makes me glad im not a fat ***, that i actually know how to ride a bike places…..

also having a speed bike that gets 70mpg, doesnt hurt either

think of us suckes in the uk, paying about $2 per litre!!!! and you get a whole gallon for twice that?! i wish we had no tax!

the second you drive across the boarder into Canada. and our dollar is about par with the US dollar.

I heard 4.50/gallon by summertime

Well Supreme where I live is $3.99 so I would say any day now.

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