Spiritually speaking is it wrong to vote for your own answers as the best answer to a question?

Sorry… I know the spiritually speaking thing can get a little annoying.

And I said is it wrong? not is it a sin?

I follow my own ethics as a Witch and always try to live in truth and fairness.

I would say that if you honestly feel that your answer is best, it is not wrong to vote for it as best answer. If you didn’t truly think so and you were doing it just to gain points or whatever, then it would be wrong.

Blessed be,
Lady Morgana

No, it’s the answer you feel is best, or else you would have answered differently.

I wrote the answer,so I must think it’s the best one.

Only if it IS the best answer, otherwise you should be *choke* flogged….


Nope, I do it all the time.

No, its not wrong at all.

No, it’s not wrong.

what??? all this time and i didnt even know!!

i’ve done that before!

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