Is it OK to go to war and kill fellow Christians?

Would we be held accountable if we kill our spiritual brother?
Wouldn’t it be better not to go to war?
If you can please use scriptural backing.

Gen. 9:6 anyone shedding mans blood by man will his own blood be shed for in gods image he made man.

1 John 3:15 No man-slayer has everlasting life remaining in him

Ex. 20:13 you must not murder

Rom. 14:12 each of us will render an account for himself to God.

WOW You opened up a big *** can of worms there didn’t you??!!!

Speaking from a non-religious point of view

Is it OK to go to war and kill fellow Christians?

Sure why not… isn’t that what war is all about anyway?! See who can kill who the fastest?! Seriously… War is sick!! The bible does say &quot:thou shall not kill&quot: but if a fellow ‘Christian’ is coming after you with a knife/gun/grenade I’m pretty sure, even if he is wearing a priest outfit a fellow ‘Christian’ will kill him! Most if not all the wars that have been fought have been about religion! Now, doesn’t that make you sick! The thing that’s suppose to make us ‘stronger and happier’ ultimately kill you!

Wouldn’t it be better not to go to war?

If it can in other ways be prevented… then absolutely!!!

I hope I gave you a different side to look at and think about :o)

Have a great day!!

War is never a good thing, because there is loss all the way around, even for the so-called winners.

But you apparently have some prickings of conscience concerning this, and it seems to me yhat you’re trying to go to the right place for answers, namely, the Bible.

Okay. In the Old Testament, Joshua and David were both mighty men of war, as were some of the figures in the book of Judges (Joshua’s story is found in the books of Exodus and Joshua, and you can learn about David in 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Kings).

Now, in the New Testament, Saul (better known as Paul) was a virulent persecutor of Christians before his conversion, and even that sin was forgiven him: Cornelius was a Roman centurion who was a soldier when we first encounter him and when we leave him as well (Paul’s story is in the book of Acts, beginning in Chapter 8 and continuing throught most of the remainder of the book: Cornelius can be found in Acts 10).

In the last analysis, you must follow what you feel to be right. I know of many men of faith who have served honorably in the military–one, in fact, had a conversion experience during the Vietnam War and retired from the Air Force many years later.
I’ve even known of men in the Special Forces who have an active relationship with the Lord even though Green Berets are not precisely famous for being the most religious guys around.

God guide yuor decision, brother, and give you peace, whatever conclusion you come to.

War is a waste of time and resources but men all around the world especially those advanced and highly educated seems to enjoy it.No matter whether it is between Christians or in between any other religion in should be forbidden without compromise.

You did not give enough background information to answer this. Going to war is not a simple yes or no decision , there are a lot of factors to be weighed.

It happened during World Wars I and II. Most Germans were Christian and most Americans/British/French were Christian.

God probably frowns upon war, but it still is human nature to wage it. Many arguements could be made on both sides of this, and there really is no right or wrong answer.

A man asked, &quot:Teacher, what shall we do when those that hate us
strike us?&quot:
And He answered, &quot:Turn the other cheek, and let them strike you
again. Give them love in return for hate. If you must take up the sword,
then do it in great reluctance, and only after you have stepped aside
time and time again. Remember that I bring you not peace, but a sword,
for this Path will separate you from your families and friends, and your
enemies will persecute you in their ignorance.&quot:
&quot:And forgive your enemies, and those who wrong you, that you may
put away your anger and live in love.&quot:

Fellow Christians would not give you a reason to fight them in war. This is left to the terrorist.

It would be exciting. I would say that I am just to go to war.

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