Is 60000 dollars a year good?

Is 60000$ a year good, 5000 a month. is that enough for college and decent housing?

Trust me, $60,000 a year is really good for a college student… Most college students doesn’t make that much… at best, they make around $8,000 – $15,000 a year because they don’t have enough time to make a lot of money due to classes, exams and other school related stuffs!!!

Trust me, you are very lucky!!! make sure you keep that job because that’s a really good pay even if you’re NOT a college student!!!

$60k is pretty good, yes. You can’t afford to get into most Ivy League schools with that, or even a lot of other private schools, not and pay all the other costs of living, but it will get you into most colleges with money to spare.

Is that $60k gross, before taxes, or after? Big difference.

Well you do not get the entire 60k, 5k a months since 40% goes toward Federal and State Taxes
Next you could NOT afford Manhattan NY but you could afford Albany NY

oh wow! yes! That’s huge!!! Sorry- but I’m on alot less than that and I’m managing fine (have a brand new car that I just finished paying off, living out of home- renting, don’t own a home though, just finished a college diploma)….

Depends where you live. For instance, $60,000 will go a lot farther in Davenport, Iowa than it will in New York City.

Yeah, you’re very well off for a college student.

WHOA yes
how are you making 60k?!

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