is the usa going to be the fourth Reich?

today the USA is so far in the right winged politics
that a European right winger would be considered a lefty in the USA

maybe the only country that can compete with the USA on the levels of fanatical far right nationalism and are the Russian conservatives

the extreme right winged anti liberal atmosphere in the USA reminds of Germany in the 20’s-30’s
and the anti modernism conservative feeling the USA is under is so much like what was going on Germany at the Weimar Republic just before the Nazis took over.
my grand father was sent to a concentration camp because he was Jewish, but his business partner was sent to a concentration camp because he was gay.
and compared to the social democratic atmosphere of Roosevelt’s america of that time, today the USA is much more like pre-Nazi Germany.

it’s just like countries switched roles
as Western europe becomes more liberal, modernist and enlightened, america becomes more conservative and dark

you can even see it in the people religious beliefs… the creationist idol worship and the fundamentalist conservative evangelicalism compared to the more advanced enlightened and modernist European Christianity.

i don’t mind that American screw them selves up…but right winged fanatic regimes usually like to start global wars…now only middle eastern countries suffer but who knows, western Europe can be next?

I will say &quot:YES&quot: to your question, but not for the reasons you have provided.

You are the one that is confused about the political spectrum and political definitions. Just because your concept of one thing is &quot:left wing&quot: or another is &quot:right wing&quot: is the POPULAR perception, does not make it academically or intellectually correct. Perception is not always Reality.

On a scale or spectrum of Totalitarianism (total government control) to Anarchy (no government at all), Nazism is on the far left, just right of Soviet and Chinese style Communism. The middle on this spectrum would be what the founding fathers of America believed the government should look like: A small Representative Republic whose responsibility is to defend the shores of the country and ensure the natural rights of every individual. However, the US has moved to the left dramatically and has become more totalitarian…left wing…and many of our natural rights are being squashed.

The first use of the terms &quot:left wing&quot: and &quot:right wing&quot: was in France after their revolution in the late 1700s. In their Parliament, the left wingers were the supporters of the new more democratic government and sat on the left side of their parliament building. The right wingers were Loyalists to the former Monarchy and sat on the right side. This is obviously backwards on the totalitarian to anarchy spectrum explained above.

It is popular to say that &quot:Nationalism&quot: is a &quot:right wing&quot: attribute. However, &quot:Nationalism&quot: in and of itself says very little about the form of government and/or the economic climate of a country. The Soviets were nationalistic, but the government was left wing socialism. The Chinese are nationalistic. During World War 2, America was also very Nationalistic. However, since the Vietnam war and with the current politics of America, like the OWS, and the rise of Libertarian thought, some pushing for a global government, and the importance of diversity…America can no longer be considered very &quot:Nationalistic&quot:.

&quot:Nationalism&quot: emphasizes a collective identity – a people which are autonomous, united, and express a single national culture with the co-operation between the different social classes and common political goals. This is NOT America today…but with some kind of crisis, it would be easy to bring it back.

Nazi Germany was a Socialist Military Dictatorship with strong Corporatism and extreme Nationalism. The word &quot:NAZI&quot: means in English: &quot:National Workers Socialist Party&quot:. The only real difference between Nazism and Stalinist Socialism, was the Corporatism. If you bothered to read &quot:Mein Kampf&quot:, Hitler did not view communism as the opposite of Nazism: he saw it as a rival competitor….like Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi….not the same, but very close.

I could go on and on with proof and more examples and more integrate details.

Here is why I agree that the USA could become the next Fourth Reich:
Mostly, it is the current Corporatism. or as some call it &quot:plutarchy&quot:. That is, the oligarchical elite and the large private corporations working together with the government, the government telling the people they are against the corporations and yet at the same time benefiting heavily from the corporations and the corporations benefiting heavily from the government.
Second, it is the chipping away of our natural rights (our &quot:freedoms&quot:). Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the government telling us what we can or cannot purchase…there is a long list. This is being done by both major political parties. All the political rhetoric seen in the news media, is designed to divide and conquer. Like in Germany, the media has become the cheerleader of the government instead of the watchdog.
Third, some people are aware of Operation Paperclip…that is that the US government brought former Nazi scientists into this country at the end of World War 2. Many believe that it was only a few hundred. Last night, I saw a documentary (and the reason I am responding to this question) that it was not a few hundred, it was thousands. These scientists have been the basis for our lead in military technological power. Like Hitler’s military, we are invading other countries under the disguise of giving them freedom (Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Rhineland, etc) for the sole purpose of obtaining natural resources and prestige (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, South Sudan). The &quot:prestige&quot: part has obviously backfired because so many of the people in these other countries are also and naturally Nationalistic.

If Gingrich takes over it will be.

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