At 12 yrs old I was sexually abused by my 14 yr old brother. How do I tell my parents? They still don’t know

I am now 30 yrs old and my parents never knew that when I was 12 my then 14 yr old brother made me put my hand on his penis and go and down until he did you know what. To his day my wife, parents, friends all do NOT know about it. I now have a 5 yr old and I get more afraid and more afraid every day because I think my brother who is now 32 will do the same to him. How do I tell my parents and especially my wife about this? My brother helps out alot in watching my 5 yr old boy because my wife and I both work odd hours and without him we don’t know what we would do.

are you a guy or a girl?

um I have no Idea, but if that happened to me.
I wouldn’t let him watch my son or daughter

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