Why did Republicans vote against Obama’s black side, yet want no one to forget his white side?

These same people said Obama would not win because he was black. Lots of them voted against him for this reason.

Yet when someone on here asks about Obama’s race, they sayhe’s not full black, don’t forget, he’s half-white too.

So you voted against his black side, yet want no one to forget his white side? Why is his white side so important NOW?

Obama is a democrat. Why would any typical Republican vote for a Democrat? Why would anyone assume race had anything to do with it?

I have met very few people who were against Obama based on race. And most of those were Democrats!

The reason I didn’t vote for Obama had nothing to do with his color. It had to do with the lack of experience. Why would I vote for someone with no experience? Would you get into a car with someone who has never driven before. Same thing. He is sitting at that desk in the oval office and gets a call that the empire state building has just been blown to smitherines and the Golden Gate Bridge is gone. What’s his first move going to be? I’ll tell you now it won’t be Bush’s fault and if you think this isn’t coming, think again because he is going to be tested in he’s first six months and even Joe Biden said so.

Sir, are you on crack!?

Some voted against Obama because of his race, some voted against Obama because of his race.

Despite the historical nature of this election and the fact that it’s wonderful a black man could win the presidency, Obama’s race is truly irrelevant

Would you stop it, really! You keep posting question about how racist Republicans are and stuff. This is the 2nd one in just a few minutes. Just look at yourself – you are a bigoted intolerant liberal who’s being brainwashed by the Media. And actually, the blackness of Obama granted him many votes from blacks who had never voted – they casted their vote in record numbers. Now that’s really racist and it can be proved.

If you took the time to actually talk to a couple of Republicans you would have found out that most didn’t vote against his black side they voted against his Socialist side.

Because Obama embraces the White side of his persona

Just look at the people in the Cabinet and the people he surrounds himself with..with the exception of Michelle and the girls..who does Barack Obama hang with?

Can you please address your concerns to the Republicans you’re talking about, and stop pestering the rest of us? Why the HELL would I be supposed to know why anyone else voted as they did? They don’t report to me. Get your answer from them, assuming you can find a Republican who actually buys into your imaginary little psychodrama.

You don’t know me, and you don’t know why I voted as I did.

And you never will, because by now I’m tired of these stupid, STUPID accusations.

I didn’t vote against his black side (which is less than 7%) I voted against his socialist agenda, lack of any leadership experience and criminal, racist associates.

I know we are racist because we did not vote for the black guy. What a joke.

Does that mean that the blacks that did not vote for the white guy are racist also.

Your logic SUCKS. but that is what happens when your a moon batt

Republicans voted against his BLUE side.
The only color most of us level headed mature adults saw was the usual blue or red. Get over it.

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