Nba fans, laker fans: Agree/disagree: Winner of game 2 will win the series…if lakers lose game 2, theyr done?

I’m A LAKER FAN, have been since 1998. I’m scared sh1tless…..Boston is sounding really confident, and motivated after game 1…Your predictions, and do you agree with me?

SO, answer these:
Who will win, and do you agree with my statement about whoever wins game 2 will win series?

I Agree and I Disagree.

I Disagree that the winner of Game 2 will win the series. But I Agree that the winner of Game 2 has the advantage if Boston wins Game 2 they have 3 straight home games in front of them, not to say will win all of them but homecourt would help them. If the Lakers win Game 2 then all they have to do is win a game in Boston then they will be fine.

Boston sounded confident before the series! theyre always talking trash! im not worried at all
Lakers will win game 2
Celtics will win game 3 and 4/5
Lakers end it in 6 games

we got Kobe! man! comon!

Normally it is the winner of game 1 who will win the series.
Or if it was tied at 2, then the winner of game 5.
But really it is the winner of the last game of the series who will win it.

Lakers win Game 2.

if your a fan since ’98 did you know phil jackson is 47-0 in playoff sereis when he wins game one?

Face it if we lose the second game or not because WE WILL WIN THE SERIES.

If BRYANT is still on the back of a jersey with number 24 is there with a LAKERS sign in middle we will be fine

here’s some motivational stats for you!! Phil Jackson is 47-0 in play-offs history when winning game one of a series, while he is 6-8 when loosing game one, look at the odds kid.

Lakers won Game one, and haven’t you saw Kobe’s eyes?

Disagree,I think they both win a game on the others home court.

Just like they have confidence us LAKER FANS gotta have confidence and believe in our team


Lakers will win nomatter what

Trust man we wont lose the series.

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