Doesn’t it amaze you that most liberals did not realize that the stimulus bill cost more than the war in Iraq?

The sheer ignorance amazes me……

LOL…Obama spent more than the Iraq war costs in his first 90 days. The fact is, Because of Obama and his cronies, oh sorry, they are called Czar now. Everything is going up, period!!! Obama has given unprecedented control to the Federal Government. State sovereignty will be a thing of the past.

The good news, his numbers are falling. People are starting to become informed on what’s really happening and at stake. There is still credible debate regarding his birth place. Why not show the actual birth certificate? What’s so damn hard. I had to get mine last year when I renewed my drivers license. Got on line, had it in three business days.

I couldn’t find any website with an estimate on the stimulus package. If someone could find a unbiased site that would be nice. However, on the other hand I did find out that the Iraq war is over $877,386,432,210.
On the bright side, atleast the stimulus bill isn’t funding for people to kill each other.

Since the stimulus package is in process, there is no way of knowing how much the end-cost will be. That can only be determined after a time when the economy, unemployment have had a chance to either benefit or not. So the real ignorance is assuming that one knows its actual cost.

the stimulus bill that was set up by Bush and implemented by Obama has worked, unless you know nothing about the stock market and have never seen the dow, we were plumiting and getting ready to hit the bottom and since the stimulus bill went into effect we have skyrocketed back up and are very stable. So you need to open you eyes up and look around if you want to see the results of the stimulus bill.

Iraq was a pointless war. I know. A friend I served with died in Iraq rendering safe an IED. At least this stimulus bill isn’t killing anyone.

Liberal philosophy (if you can call it that) dictates that all money must be spent making people dependent upon the government and enabling them to be less (considerably less) they they can be. They would have allowed Hitler to continue murdering Jews, Hussein to continue murdering his own people, and on and on it goes because stopping them would not have served their agenda. Bush’s democracy domino strategy in Iraq could have worked if we had a leader who had the good sense to seize the moment and support protesters in Iran last month, but liberals are not about freedom, they’re about control. Proof of that is the fact that the Obama Administration fully supports the guy in Honduras who recently defied his own Congress and Supreme Court in his attempt to become their dictator.

Hey LMPP: The war killed people who liked to send teenagers out to blow themselves up along with other Men, Women, and Children! It was also only illegal in your (and other programmed, Bush hating Libs) head!!

I say programmed because you cannot seem to get away from the same old tired miopic (look it up) reasons.

Oh yeah… we win!

Since we are talking about ignorance, what about your ignorance that the last president’s policies guaranteed the financial collapse of the USA and the stimulus is the only way to prolong it?

Would you please provide your numbers and your sources? Nothing &quot:amazes&quot: me when people just say things off the top of their heads with no references. I appreciate your service to your country, but that does not automatically grant you credibility in all area of political debate.

Another point worth considering: it often happens that not all liberals OR all conservatives claim to believe or know exactly the same thing. Such generalizations seldom further debate usefully.

What amazes me more about liberals a.k.a. mouth breathers, is that they can read and write. For people that suffer from a terrible disease that rots the brain from the inside, they can function and do day to day tasks much like anybody else. It’s a shame though when the lot of them die of AIDS, such a waste.

You’re right, we should have spent more in Iraq, killed more innocent people. Hell we should have just eradicated Islam! Then our economy would be great, right? Because God would bless us.

Just trying out a little conservative logic.

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