why was trump trying to build trump tower in Moscow?



he has real estate investments world wide, why would Moscow be off limits


Competition with:
Hilton hotels in Eastern Europe are in dozens of luxurious locations.
Marriott International.
Accor Hotels
InterContinental Hotels Group
The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

For money. I see nothing inherently nefarious here.

MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report)—Capping an extraordinary year for the former television host, the Kremlin has named Donald J. Trump its Employee of the Month for December.

“No one has worked more tirelessly for the glory of the Fatherland than Donald Trump,” the Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an official statement. “He has set a high bar for all Kremlin employees, and for that, we salute him.”

To mark the honor, Trump’s name will be added to a plaque that hangs in the hallway outside the Kremlin’s H.R. Office.

According to Kremlin sources, Trump faced tough competition in the Employee of the Month voting, besting both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ExxonMobil’s C.E.O., Rex Tillerson.

Speaking to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate, in Florida, Trump called the award “a tremendous honor, just tremendous.”

“Obama was President for eight years and he didn’t win this a single month,” he said. “Loser.”


&quot: Trumps &quot: BUSINESS &quot: sought a to build a Trump tower in Moscow.

Not Trump.

Why? Because they’re in the Hotel business and Moscow is a pretty big and popular city. It’s called good business sense.

This is one big nothing burger that WaPo knows the haters will latch on to like fish bait.

Where have you been? Everybody knew this already.

In fact, some believe it was these business dealings that underscore the fact that Trump really didn’t think he was going to win the election.

To be closer to his boyfriend.

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