Why did Obama Truth Squad Member, Louise Lucas VA State Senator call Romney a racist?

He (Romney) believes and speaks to those who want only white people in the White House. Do you realty think that she believes that? Does is make any sense that Romney would even consider running for the presidency if he was a racist or had racist tendencies? The news media would absolutely destroy him, no? Thoughts?

I’m missed that, but I do know that Obama certainly doesn’t want any whites moving into the WH come January.

– the pig

Now not best did Obama win VA in 08, however he was once forward in the polls now not long ago. There’s particularly only some possibilities on how racism could explain that change. 1. 1000’s of racists moved to Virginia within the final month. 2. Thousands of racists simply realized Obama is black 3. Enormous quantities of individuals out of the blue made up our minds to become racist, almost certainly through racist hypnosis. As opposed to that, the only rationalization is that the State Senator is stuffed with it.

its a 150 year old stereotype.
what the news media doesnt say is 3/4 of the nation was racist in the 17th and 19th century
in 1978 church policy was changed by an alledged testimony of a revelation that allows all worthy males to join the priesthood, however even today there are some biblical churches that refuse to allow inter racial marriage because of what is written in duet 7 and exodus 34

I love how you tied Obama’s name to this question because there was never this type of racism before Obama moved in. He is the biggest racist out there and I am glad his thugs (Louise Lucas) are stepping up so we know who they are so when Mitt wins the presidency he can clean house thoroughly to rid the white house of all racism.

When you can’t win based on results or solid arguments it’s not unusual to deflect by claiming racism, homophobia, elitism, or sexism. I think that’s what happened here.
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I’d vote for a turd before I’d vote to re-elect Obama. If either wins we still would have $hit in the whitehouse. If you polish a turd it’s still a turd!

Louise Lucas IS a Real Racist, just like Obama.

Rats smell their own hole first.

Usually in politics, if you’re guilty of something (racism) you accuse the other of being guilty of it.

Maybe she’s remembering how racist the Mormom church was for decades, or maybe she’s just exercising her right to free speech. Isn’t it OK for her to say what she wants, just as it’s OK for you to disagree?

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