To foreign guys married to Filipinas:Why did you chosed Pinay over woman of your own ethnicity?

Why did you:
preferred a foreigner
travelled thousands of miles
endured a long-distanced relationship
instead of searching within your country.

Elaborate pls.Thanks!

I am not married to a Filipina or dating one but I will answer this question to give you a perspective on why a foreigner might fall inlove with a Filipina instead of a woman from his own country and same ethnicity.

After all there are alot of attractive women in America that are approachable. All you have to do is walk up to a girl that you like and start to talk. You can find out alot about her without even going on a date. If she is single then you can meet up with her later and see how things go. Unfortunately dating in America is not always that easy and varies from guy to guy. For instance a recent survey of American females suggested that as much as 80% of them were fat and a large percentage of them were even obese. It is hard to find attraction when you are up against such strong statistics. Of course if you don’t mind the extra weight that shouldn’t be a problem. How about interpersonal skills and interaction? Suppose you are one of the lucky ones that manages to find a date that isn’t fat or obese does that mean you are really compatable and have alot in common? Not at all. The truth is compatability is very important for long term relationship survival. How do you think your relationship is going to hold up through the years if you don’t have anything you two like to discuss? That could be a huge problem. There isn’t just one thing that makes a relationship work but multiple things and if one of those things is not right then it will cause strain on the relationship down the road.

So is traveling thousands of miles to the Philippines the answer? The short and quick answer to that question is no. Let’s start off with why a foreigner would even entertain the idea. The first thing I noticed on my first trip to the Philippines was all the stares I got from all the women. These stares started the moment I got off the plane at NAIA. I wasn’t getting stares from a population of women that were round but from slim, attractive young and middle aged women alike. I immediately felt more confident in myself and I hadn’t even spoken one word to anybody! It seemed that everywhere I went I was always getting smiles and all sorts of attention from very beautiful, fit women. This is quite a bit different from how the women in my own country reacted to me and it was flattering. In fact to a certain degree it was hypnotizing. I felt like I could go almost date anybody and the fear of rejection completely went away because I knew that 3 feet away there was another girl smiling at me just in case the girl directly in fron of me said no. This continued to be my perception for my first several trips there. However I began to question how I was feeling and wondering if it was reality or if these women were really good long term relationship potential. The more I observed the more I learned. For instance I would notice that a Filipino male that was a heck of alot better looking than me would not get all the attention I got. I visited internet cafes and observed Filipinas online in chat rooms with 8 different white men on their screen as they chatted with them all. I observed high class Filipina ladies who did not give me those seductive smiles and did not go out of their ways to throw extra attention in my direction. When I say high class I am talking about wealthy or middle class Filipina professionals (doctors, lawyers, business consultants). There came a point when I began to see Filipinas as being the same as Americans. The Filipinas that did not give me attention tended to be from wealthier familes and would not gain so much in material wealth by being married to me. The Filipinas that did give me attention tended to be from poorer familes and would have substantially gained in material wealth by being married to me. I asked myself what if I was poor? Would I have all this attention then? The answer was always a resounding no. Everytime I met a girl in the Philippines there was always a set of questions that these women would ask that could have been aimed at culculating my net worth and did not seem to me to be just casual conversation pieces.

All in all I have to say that the attention that a foreign man gets by Filipinas in the Philippines is unmatched anywhere in America. In other words women in America won’t hypnotize you by throwing so much attention your way (unless you are Bill Gates). American women will give you attention if they like you though. Although there are many American women that aren’t attractive and lack the ability to hypnotize a man, I find that I have alot more in common with American women than I do with Filipinas. I would rather go out to lunch with a woman that is slightly over weight and talk about things that we are both interested in then go out to lunch with a smoking hot Filipina that is asking me about my job, what kind of car I drive, and if I rent a house or own one. That’s right! I actually had a Filipina ask me that one time.

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I tell you, I am a middle aged American woman. I see Tons of Anglo men with asian women. I look at the men. They are usually badly overweight, socially challenged, and wouldn’t stand a chance with a western woman worth her salt. So, they went overseas and got themselves a woman who was attractive, subservient, and would worship that man for removing her from abject poverty. As long as the couple is happy, then kudos to them. I look around me and see nothing enticing from the American male population over the age of 50. Very sad. I have given up. Better lonely than dealing with less than the best in my book.

i think,
please read about pinay girlfriend needs.(flower,right love,no lair,faithful,honest,nice man smell,…,etc),pinay gifts(red rose,perfume)
these things tell the man one thing that pinay looking only to find husband and she will make his life happy,and she promise to make him success in his personal life.secret only in pinay thinking .
also,to be honest that pinay really give love to man who do that with them,easy to give love.
i respect pinays and ask god to care of pinay and keep them in health happy life.
which pinay able to give no lady can do.they seem as machine give them love and they will give you all.

I married my filipina wife because I love her, ethnicity had nothing to do with it.
I meet her and we talked for about 8 months.
The travel? Never even thought about it.
I wasn’t searching for a wife in my country or even in the Philippines, I meet her and fell in love.
Sorry my answer isn’t that great but its the truth.

A lot of of individuals discover that there are constantly challenges in their course and that luck does not prefer them at crucial moments.

Pinays have the best looking, best smelling feet. Yes I&amp:#x27:ve dated a rainbow of women, but the majority of pinays had an incredible scent. My 2 cents

I’m a Filipina. I’m not from a wealthy family but i was raised to have good morals and principle. I’m studying and working at the same time.I’m young and is chatting with foreign guys but never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine to marry an old foreign man to become wealthy or to have a dual citizenship. the hell i care about those things. other people should ask us (Filipinas) of what are the other reasons why we lost our appetite for Filipino men.
because for me and my friends, (who had previous relationships with Filipino guys) foreign guys are sweeter, more romantic and more loyal. most of them are looking for a serious relationship. we had Filipino bfs and it didn’t last because they always cheat, lie and take us for granted. i think it’s one of the reasons behind. although i agree with what others think that some Filipinas nowadays are only up for money. it’s just good people nowadays are hard to find. so Good Luck to everyone who are looking for a serious relationship 🙂

First off all, I am not narrow minded like most ignorant,prejudice people.
My filipina wife and I were meant to be together. I don’t want to go into the details but we really are in love and loyal to each other. Even her jealous relatives can’t separate us. We fought off many skeptical biased/envious filipinos and americans.

We have a beautiful happy healthy family.

Love just happens. No one ever searches for love, it just happens. What people dont understand is that alot of foreigners come to pi to escape from work and just to relax. I started coming to pi on holiday and just fell in love with pi a nice girl as well as pi – after coming to pi for 4 years.

I find women from the Philippines beautiful. When I was a young boy I always thought island girls were to wonderful to look at. Now that I have meet and dated and now married a filipina I could not be happier. Her attitude on family is consistent with mine. The things that we differ on is what makes us stronger. I like the Philippines and she likes the U.S.A. Everyone is different in what they find attractive. I just happen to like filipina. Not that I don’t like Black, White, Latina, etc. I just found the woman that was right for me just happen to be a filipina. And as for traveling and enduring long distance relationship. It was worth it to be happy and in love with my wife.

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