is it normal for a marriage without sex?I am married for 9 yrs.and during those yrs.I can count in my hand how

I am married for 9 yrs.and during those yrs.I can count on my hands my intimate with my husband.Is it normal for marriage without sex.Or thus my husband has extracuricular activities.Is this one for ground for divorce.Im stuck in a married life without sex.

perhaps confronting him to either confirm or negate any ideas of something fishy going on. twice to three times a week is about normal for most in a marital relationship. I don’t advocate divorce ( been there, done that), perhaps counseling? All due respect, have you gained weight, as us men are visual creatures as well as superficial. Whatever you do…no extracurriculars yourself, as if it came down to D, he could take you to the cleaners, esp. if something transformed out of that. Go to the root of the problem first, and be brave and loving about it. No need to curse him or ridicule or demean as this will only accomplish a deeper division.

I would not consider that kind of marriage normal or okay for me. It depends on what the expectations were going into the relationship or if he has been seriously ill and is unable to perform. If you didn’t ever plan to have sex, or knew that he didn’t, you can’t really complain about it now. But if this is a total shock, yes, it is a reason that you can get a divorce (as is having an affair). Try initiating sex a couple of times, if that doesn’t work, just ask him what the problem is (but say it nicely).

It may not be a sign of a bad marriage. He can simply have no sex drive due to medicaton or other health issues. Perhaps you should discuss this with him before filing for a divorce.

Not necessarily an indicator that he doesn’t love you, so why automatically think that he’s cheating? I think that you’d need to talk to him about it. Is he on any medication that might make him not want it? Or is he older to where he can’t get it up as often? Could be a medical problem that’s stoping you from getting it on. Don’t assume that he’s cheating.

I would talk to him about it and tell him that you would like to incorporate more sex into your life. Maybe just buy some cute outfits and initiate it yourself! Get in control, it may spark something that’s lost.

I think &quot:normal&quot: can vary, but in my life it would NOT be normal. I hope his extracurricular activity isn’t sex w/ others!?!?!?! Do you desire sex? If so, I think you have to options: to divorce and see what else is out there, or cheat and hope he’d forgive you. It’s your call…

depends on the couple and how they view sex in marriage..after 9 years, have you addressed this issue before?

no it is not normal.

Is he happy with you?
Is there a medical problem with him?
Demand he go to a doctor or marriage counseling

Based on all the other questions on here, sounds pretty normal.

Go find yourself a nice younger boytoy to give u some satisfaction. Men let themselves go after they get married, anyway.

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