Is it normal for a girl to date a guy shorter than them?

why or why not?

If you mean is it common, I would have to say no, that it’s not very common, just simply due to the fact that women, on average, are shorter than men.

But I don’t see anything abnormal about it. I’m on the tall side for a woman (5’10&quot:) so I’ve dated men shorter than me. It would be silly not to date someone you like simply because of height. You might be passing up something truly wonderful.

it’s not normal, but it happens.

The history behind it is that human beings have been attracted to the more powerful male, who tends to have the best genes, including being tall. When a girl likes a guy that is shorter than they are there isn’t anything wrong with it, especially not these days, it’s just that throughout history it has been different.

Don’t worry about it in the 21st centry though 🙂

Course its normal… How can it be abnormal?!

Alot of women dont like dating lads shorter, i personly prefer lads to be taller, im not really sure why, but i do. If i really liked a guy though, but he was shorter it wouldnt stop me from liking him. Its not a big deal…its just hight. People that say it does matter are quite shallow..
Sorry if youre one of those people, but its personality that really matters.. looks fade.

I’d say probably not for most women. Most women tend to prefer a guy taller than them. I prefer him to be taller since I wear cowboy boots most of the time and don’t want to look like an Amazon next to him.

In this day and age not really, as long as she finds him attractive, but from a biological standpoint, women are supposed to be wired to look for the man who can best provide for them/their children etc and usually the taller the man the more likely he’d be to outlast other men.

Well some girls think it is a big problem but I don’t. It doesn’t matter about the size, it’s about there personality and how they act around other people and YOU! It’s all about the lady.

It isn’t as common as dating a taller guy, simply because men tend to be taller.

Size shouldn’t matter in a case of Love…If you love him, then forget his height. If he is the guy for you, you wouldn’t have to ask this question.

Its not a norm of our society but I don’t see anything really wrong with it

I think there is nothing wrong with it, as long as she really likes him as a person.

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