how can u make a good homeade haunted house?

like a kids ‘haunted house’ at like a carnival. i need to do this so please help me out. just give me any ideas of what to use and stuff. all ideas welcome. thanks.

1. Complete and total darkness
2. People in realistic costumes chasing people
3. Creepy Music ~ Not dumb people making ghost sounds.
4. Make the children sign a &quot:Release Form&quot: saying they won’t leave the haunted house. (Will for sure scare em)
5. Have something that looks totally fake and phony jump out at the kids.
6. Tell them not to make any sudden movements.
7. Fog
8. Make them think they are hallucinating

Make sure it’s something that if you were in it, you’d be scared ! No fake spiders, people in sheets going &quot:OOOOHHH&quot:, No decals, Make it like a horror movie

1. Complete darkness
2. Hang some glow in the dark scary figures
3. get those footpads that make werewolf sounds
4. Make it hard to get out of
5. Make it winding, its scary if it seems like it never ends

Spooky music helps a lot, you can get that online. Also, strobe or black lights add to the spooky feel. Try and get some fake cobwebs and things that will scare people.

I’ve always wanted to do one!
1. Hang fake spider webs
2. Put those moving monsters (the ones that put their hand on your shoulder when you walk by)
3. Keep it dark and hang some glow in the dark scary stuff.
4. Carve pumpkins and give them faces and put dry ice for the fake smoke.
5. Put smoke!

Go to party city there is lots of stuff there to make your house very scary you might not want to go in your own hose because of how scary it could be hope it was helpful
thank you

make the temperature cold,put spider webs,also get moving skeletons

picture of Hillary clinton on the walls. VERY scary.


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